Redmi Note 8 2021: Its Main Novelties Revealed

Xiaomi knows that its Redmi Note 8 was a bombshell. For this reason, who will repeat the sales figures of the remembered bows of the phones of its sub-brand this week, with a model updated to 2021 of which we already know its main characteristics.

The brand’s excuse to re-launch the phone, something that it does not need because if the firm is specialized in something it is in saturating the market with countless devices, it is to celebrate the sale of 25 million units of the Note 8 original worldwide. For this reason, this new model from 2021 will largely replicate the design of that phone, but with a series of new features inside.

Shaping the Redmi Note 8 from 2021

This time we should not depend on external ballast or leaks of dubious origin as the brand itself revealed last week that this new Note 8 2021 will include a screen with a water drop notch. A few hours ago it has precisely confirmed that it will have a size of 6.3 ″. So far we would be facing a panel with the same specifications as the original model.

The differences begin to be seen inside, as Xiaomi has shared that the Redmi Note 8 2021 will be powered by the Helio G85 processor and will sport a quad camera on the back with the main lens using a 48MP sensor. Again these camera specifications are almost identical, in the absence of knowing the characteristics of the rest of the sensors, to those of the model launched in 2018. Redmi has not given specific information about these lenses, but rumors emerged on the Internet along these days speak of the presence of ultra wide angle, macro and depth cameras whose resolutions are unknown at the moment.

Redmi Note 8 2021

One of the images shared by Redmi also reveals that the Note 8 2021 will feature a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and shows the phone in two colors. In this way, the novelties, apart from the processor, would be reduced to the battery that, maintaining a cell with the same capacity of 4,000, would go from offering a fast charge of 18W to a charge of 22.5W.

The other great mystery that would remain to be solved is the resolution of its front camera for selfies but we imagine that it will also be like that of the brand’s original Redmi Note 8, with 13 MP. We will leave doubts as soon as the brand officially presents this model over the next few days.

Source> Xiaomi