Redmi Note 11: Everything that Is Known

In recent months, the different designs that Xiaomi has patented have been revealed. In addition, we have witnessed how the Asian company has been renewing both its current top of the range and the mid-range smartphones this year. Of course, with a perforated screen brand and a perfectly recognizable camera module. Although these details of the package could change for the Redmi Note 11 .

And it will not only be the only detail that we will see different, since the brand continues to work on the striking front camera under the screen to be able to implement it on its following mobile devices. Although it will not be the only thing that we can get to see in the next Redmi mobile .

How will the Redmi Note 11 be

First, we must bear in mind that the design will be one of the possible big changes that we see for this Xiaomi mobile device. In recent weeks and months they have been patenting new designs in order to give their smartphones another twist. This time, it is speculated that their next smartphones will once again have borderless displays. Although it is not very clear if the camera for selfies will be located in the upper part of the terminal panel, or if they will definitely bet on a sensor below the screen.

Redmi Note 11: Everything that Is Known

Although there are still a few months left for this phone to come to light, or even for us to start receiving the famous leaks. It is a possibility that it is also launched on the mobile market with MIUI 13 as an outlet. Basically, because in recent weeks we have seen how small details have been leaked of what this new version of the Asian brand’s customization layer will be like. So everything leads to the same fact, that is, the Redmi Note 11 will go on sale with this version of MIUI .

If we continue with its design, we could get to see how the montage of its rear photographic section changes completely. It is rumored that it could become a system of three cameras that will be located in the upper left corner or, on the contrary, they will follow the path that Huawei took with its P50, by mounting an oval package with two large sensors. And as for the other features, it’s still early days. But, maybe they could surprise us in terms of their processors and also the fast charge that they implement for this mobile device.