How to Recover Photos that Do Not Appear in the Mobile Gallery

A problem that nobody wants to encounter is the moment we access our mobile phone and we find that the photos that are not in the smartphone gallery. This can cause us to throw our hands at our heads and worry, since photos are full of memories and losing them can be very serious.

Luckily for us, technology gives us many solutions to problems and there is more than one way to recover them. We are going to give you a series of steps to follow with the intention that the photos return to the place where we left them, making those memories that we gave up for lost, return to where they should be. There are several solutions and different situations that we are going to present, so it is convenient to try all the methods.

The photos have disappeared from the mobile without doing anything

The most common thing is that without prior notice the mobile loses access to some files, something that has happened to many users at the most inopportune moment. However, this problem is usually related to a temporary failure, so before trying all the solutions, we recommend that you start by restarting the mobile to see the photos again , which never fails.

Reset the gallery

In some cases the problem is in the gallery application, which may have saturated and stopped working properly. All mobile phones bring their own and on more than one occasion they have presented unexpected errors such as the one that prevents us from seeing photos or videos on the mobile .

borrar cache galeria albumes

The only thing we will have to do to make it work properly is to start by checking if we have any system updates or Google Play updates that resolve this error. Otherwise, it will direct us to Settings> Applications and in many cases it will be necessary to touch on the three points in the upper right to see the system options.

Then it will be a matter of locating the Gallery / Albums and access, to choose Storage and cache. Here we just have to clear the cache and not click on delete storage or then we could lose some of the photos forever. Just by clearing the cache, we will exit the settings and check how the photos are now back in place.

Check the gallery trash

It is possible that inadvertently we have sent the photos to the trash or even an entire folder, but luckily for several years manufacturers have saved us from losing photos from the mobile with the so-called recycle bin.

papelera galeria

We just have to access the gallery and look for this trash can among the albums, from which we can restore the photos before the set time elapses that deletes them forever. To recover them, you have to press and hold the deleted photos and then click on the button that brings them back to the gallery.

The memory card has stopped working

Although the MicroSD are a great help in smartphones that run out of storage, they can also give us scares with the photos in the gallery . With just a slight movement, the memory card will stop showing files and worry will take over.

movil y microsd

In this case, the easiest and fastest way is to extract the card, blow into the dedicated space and the card itself to put it back. With this, in most cases the photos are back in the gallery , although there are also situations where the mobile phone does not recognize the memory card and we are faced with a bigger problem, which forces us to test it on a computer to be able to recover the files.

Have you hidden the photos?

In the same way that we can have trashed the photos, we can also have hidden the images and we do not remember it. In this case, all we have to do is follow some steps similar to those we did to hide them, but in this case with the intention of recovering the hidden photos that we gave up for lost.

Where are the mobile photos?

After trying all the solutions without success, we must manage to find all the photos, images and videos that have disappeared from the mobile. This leads us to make use of file browsers or the computer, to try to find the photos and return them to their rightful place. An error in the gallery, software problem or other causes may have caused the photos to remain on the mobile but they are not accessible from the gallery until we correct it.

files google

We can use a file explorer that we have already installed or use the Files explorer from Google Play . From here we can access all the files, including those that are not in the gallery due to various errors. We can also connect the mobile phone to the computer through the USB cable and following the path: Mobile> Internal storage> DCIM: we will have access to the photos taken with the mobile to be able to access them and remove them from the device so as not to lose them.

Then it will be advisable to do a factory reset from Settings> System> Reset mobile data and thus correct these errors that are affecting us.

My images don’t appear in Google Photos

There are many Android phones that use Google Photos as the official gallery and others who prefer it to be able to save the photos. In any case, if the photos from your mobile do not appear in the Google Photos app, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to activate the copy of some folders that go beyond the photos taken with the mobile phone and the MicroSD card.

carpetas google fotos

We can do all this by accessing Google Photos and tapping on the profile photo. Then we enter Photo Settings and among the options we access “Backup and Synchronization” to be able to choose the folders on the device. You also have to access the “Access to the SD card” in case we use it.

WhatsApp photos are not in the gallery

Among the most popular applications that exist and which are closely related to mobile photos, is the WhatsApp messaging app. From it we have access to an option that allows us to show or not show the photos in the gallery and it can confuse us if we have changed the default option.

fotos galería whatsapp

To modify it, you just have to enter a video or group chat, click on the information and then choose the option “Visibility of multimedia files” in order to choose if we want to see them in the mobile gallery.