Nokia is Committed to Making Your Mobile Last Longer than Ever

The mobile phone market is constantly on the move. Today new brands appear while others disappear without a trace and, in the midst of this chaos, Nokia stands out with a presence in Spain that is almost 30 years old. During all this time, the firm has been winning the hearts of users thanks to a job well done that has resulted in some of the most iconic phones that are remembered.

In the middle of 2021, the brand is more alive than ever, adapting perfectly to the new needs of users, without renouncing its three basic pillars that have given meaning to the firm’s catalog for decades. The trust of the client, the security of its terminals and the durability of its catalog are, today, 3 pillars that every Android manufacturer tries, not only to achieve, but to imitate.


Trust: A “Lifetime” Brand

In such a crowded smartphone market, with manufacturers coming and going, each brand strives to differentiate its offering from its competitors. However, there is one thing that no one can beat a brand with as much experience as Nokia: Trust .


We do not say it, not even the firm itself does. It is a prestigious brand such as Counterpoint Research who, in its most recent reports declares that Nokia leads user trust rankings based on software, security updates, and build quality.

For the second year in a row, Nokia phones top this ranking by offering the most comprehensive software and security updates and having the highest share of the recommended portfolio for business use. The report also highlights the performance of the brand’s phones within the Android ecosystem and recalls that 98% of smartphone brands still offer inconsistent software and security updates.

Security: Guaranteed updates

All this experience, of more than 3 decades, helps the brand to fully understand the needs of users. We all remember the virtues of those Nokia 3210 or 3310, to name two of the most famous models, which have allowed the company to build a reputation for quality and reliability.


This tradition continues to this day, not only at the design or hardware level, but also in software . Nokia mobiles top the trusted rankings thanks to their security and software updates. Phones in the manufacturer’s catalog offer faster and more regular security and software updates of all major brands of Android smartphones, ensuring a total of 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 series of full operating system updates with built-in security development. .

Durability: A mobile to last for years

Its design-level ruggedness and extended upgrade periods provide an enhanced experience that retains its value over time. You can buy one of the many smartphones in the Nokia catalog today and rest assured that you will not need to change phones next year. Proof of this is its Nokia N family , made up of the N2.4, N3.4, N5.4 and N8.3, intended for all types of users. Without giving up their great update system, they place a special emphasis on the camera and battery life to meet all the needs you have.


And when we say all types of users it is ALL, with capital letters. The brand does not renounce its past and has launched a good number of feature phones such as the N5310, N8000, N225, taking the best of its smartphones from the beginning of the century, and adding new functions and software tools to adapt them to 2021.