How to Record the Screen and Audio on Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi phones have the MIUI update layer, it has been with us for a long time and every time it has more useful functions. Thanks to some of its applications that comes standard, we can record the screen of our mobile and also record the sound without having to download any other.

Among the most complete applications of the Xiaomi mobile system we find many options in the security app . So you can record your mobile screen and sound, both together and separately we will explain step by step what you should do.


How to record the screen with audio on Xiaomi

Surely in some situation you have needed to record the screen of your Xiaomi mobile, a process that as you can see is very simple and anyone can do. The first thing we have to do is find the tool folder that comes by default in our Xiaomi phones, once located we enter it and touch on the Screen Recorder tool.

Grabar pantalla Xiaomi

We will see as in the images an empty panel if we have not previously used it and now we will configure it to record our screen next to the audio . For this we have to touch on the settings wheel in the upper right, within the options we will find the sound source section where we can choose between recording the sound of the system or using the microphone , something very useful to record an explanation or tutorial . To start the recording, just tap on the orange button and it will automatically start recording everything on the screen.

Grabar pantalla con sonido Xiaomi

Record the screen and audio on Xiaomi separately

If what we need is to record the screen and audio separately on our Xiaomi mobile, the option is also available. The options do not seem to have limits for one of the best layers of customization and that offers more options to users.

Record only the screen without sound

To record only the screen we will have to follow some steps very similar to the previous ones, although this time when we enter the settings of the screen recorder and play in sound source, we have to choose silence. This way we will be able to record only the screen and that neither the sounds of the system or applications are displayed or our own voice.

Grabar pantalla sin sonido Xiaomi

If we want to further customize our recording, we can continue to lower the options to add the gestures in the area of the screen that we press, something very useful since there will be no sound.

Record the audio in Xiaomi

This time we just want to record the sound or audio without recording our screen, something that is just as simple. All we have to do is go to Xiaomi’s tools and play on Recorder. In this application we have the possibility to record the audio that the microphone of our mobile collects, even with the screen off.

Grabar sonido Xiaomi

This recording can be paused or stopped completely, at which time it will allow us to save it with a personalized name and we can listen to them in the recordings section of the same Xiaomi recorder.