Bluetooth Problems on OnePlus 6: How to Fix Them

The OnePlus 6 is one of the company’s most popular mobile phones, a smartphone that arrived in 2019 and after several updates has begun to suffer specific failures with Bluetooth . These failures are not only related to a problem generated by the company itself, but we can also find other failures that are mostly easy to solve.

So that you can fix the problems with the Bluetooth 5.0 of the OnePlus 6, we show you the most repeated ones and with which we can all find, to later know the solutions that could help us solve problems if with the previous steps We could not find the key.


The most common failures with Bluetooth on the OnePlus 6

How we mentioned the OnePlus 6 was affected by several problems, among which the Bluetooth connection made it impossible to pair new devices. Shortly after the company itself echoed this and accompanied by a security patch managed to end the problem. In case our problem is still present, the first thing we should do is check if we have any pending updates.

How to check for updates

To check for updates on our OnePlus 6, we have to go to Settings> System> System update . In case we have a new security patch, we will have to download and install it, checking later if the error has been fixed.

Comprobar actualizaciones OnePlus 6

I can’t pair devices

When linking our phone with others or on some devices, we have to make our OnePlus 6 visible so that the other devices can find it. Once we have linked it we do not have to keep it visible , but until then it is possible that it is the most common fault.

To make it visible we will have to enter Settings> Bluetooth and connection of devices> Bluetooth and from this section we can make it detectable. Once we have linked the devices, in this same button we can deactivate it.

Detectable Bluetooth OnePlus

The device is being used by another mobile

Another of the most common failures with Bluetooth is preceded because the device we want to pair is being used. With the speakers or watches this happens and therefore we will have to unlink or turn off the Bluetooth of the other mobile if we want to use it with our OnePlus 6.

Distance causes problems with the OnePlus 6

The range of the Bluetooth connection of our OnePlus 6 is limited, we can not get away from everything we would like and we will have to try to be close to the device . We can apply this to speakers, watches or other mobiles that want to share a file with us.

The easiest solution to repair Bluetooth

In the event that none of the solutions we have shown you have been sufficient for the Bluetooth of your OnePlus 6 to work normally again, we can choose to unpair all the devices , in case any of them is creating a conflict that does not We can use it normally.

To do this we will have to re-enter Settings> Bluetooth and here we will see all the linked devices. On the right side of each of the devices we find its settings, where we can forget the device so that it does not give us problems again.

Olvidar dispositivos Bluetooth OnePlus 6

Reset Bluetooth settings

It is likely that we will continue to suffer problems with Bluetooth on the OnePlus 6 and to end them at the root we will have to reset the Bluetooth settings. To do this we have to go to Settings> Recovery options and click on recover Wi-Fi, Mobile network and Bluetooth .

Restaurar Bluetooth OnePlus

When completing this step we will have to pair the Bluetooth devices again and the problems should have disappeared so that we do not meet them more times and that we can use the devices without problem.