ReCAPTCHA Error: How to Avoid This Problem When Browsing

When we browse the Internet, we may encounter certain problems that prevent us from loading web pages or accessing certain services. These bugs usually come from the browser. Maybe a bad configuration, a problem with the software, a virus … In this case we are going to talk about how to solve the failure of reCAPTCHA not working in Chrome and other browsers. We are going to talk about why this could happen and what we can do to solve it and be able to navigate normally.

What is reCAPTCHA

On many occasions when accessing a web page a message appears to verify that we are a real user and not a bot. This allows a correct service to be offered, without compromising the website itself or any user.


Basically this is what reCAPTCHA does. It is a service that belongs to Google, free, that verifies that the entry on a page or platform is carried out by a human and not a bot. It serves to help these sites avoid the entry of different automated tools that can even lead to the sending of Spam and threats .

The use by users is very simple. The Internet user enters a page and a box appears in which he has to mark that he is not a bot and thus verifies that he is human. It is similar to other options that we can see in which you have to mark a series of numbers, images, etc. However in this case the process is faster and easier.

However, there are times when an error appears and reCAPTCHA does not work in Chrome or any browser. A message appears indicating that the verification has failed. This will prevent us from opening a website or logging in.

Why doesn’t reCAPTCHA work in the browser

It is important to know the main reasons why reCAPTCHA crashes in the browser. There is no specific reason, but a series of possibilities to take into account and later be able to solve it to navigate correctly.

We are browsing with a VPN or proxy

Having a VPN or browsing through a proxy is very common. We have at our disposal many services of this type. They allow us to avoid possible geographical blocks that may exist, as well as preserve personal information if we connect from a public network.

However this could be the reason why reCAPTCHA does not work in the browser. It could be generating conflict with the network and not allowing us to verify that we are really a legitimate user and not a bot.

The browser is out of date

This error occurs in the browser, so one of the causes that can also motivate this problem is that it is not up to date. Having outdated software can be the source of many errors when connecting to the network and using our devices.

Malware on the system

Of course it could also happen that we have some kind of malicious software. Especially it may be some adware in the browser, although it could be a Trojan, virus or any threat on the system .

We already know that hackers use many strategies to put our computers at risk. Many attacks could affect the proper functioning of the browser and lead to failures like the one we describe in this article.

We are connected from a suspicious IP

It is a very common reason in these cases. The website interprets that we are connected from a suspicious IP and believes that we may be a bot. This can happen if we surf on a public Wi-Fi, for example, where there are many users inside. Also in the case of accessing the network from a VPN.

What to do to troubleshoot reCAPTCHA

We have seen what are the main reasons why the reCAPTCHA error appears in the browser. Now we are going to explain some issues to take into account to prevent this from becoming a problem and to be able to navigate normally.

Keep equipment safe

Of course, one of the most important issues to avoid the failure of reCAPTCHA and other similar ones that may appear in the browser is to always keep the computer safe. For this we can make use of many tools, which are available for all types of operating systems.

We can use an antivirus, also a firewall and even extensions for the browser. All this will help us avoid the entry of malware that could affect us. We must maintain security at all levels and thus reduce problems.

Update system and browser

One point that we cannot forget is to keep both the system and the browser correctly updated. On many occasions, vulnerabilities and failures appear, which can cause these types of errors, in addition to serving as a gateway for hackers.

This means that we must always have all the patches and updates that are available. But especially you have to take into account the importance of having the latest version of the browser, to prevent it from becoming obsolete and generating this type of error.

Control VPN and proxy usage

If we are going to navigate through a VPN or proxy and we notice that it can generate problems of this type, we should control the use. We can look at the configuration, see if it may be an error from the server we are connected from, and ultimately try to use a different service.

Restart the IP

In Windows we can easily reset the IP from the command line. To do this we have to go to Start, access the Command Prompt in administrator mode and execute ipconfig / renew . This could help fix this failure, should that be the reason.

Reiniciar la IP

Restart the router

We have seen that there could be problems with our IP as well. But the router itself could mishandle the requests. Therefore, an important tip is to reboot the device and see if that fixes the fault. Now, you have to do it correctly. We must turn off the router and let it stay like that for at least 30 seconds before turning it on again.

Therefore, these are some of the main issues that we must take into account to avoid the reCAPTCHA problem in the browser. We have seen the main reasons for these types of failures to appear, as well as some basic tips to solve them.