Reboots on Xiaomi When Using the Fingerprint Reader: How to Fix

Since the arrival of MIUI 12 we have run into many problems that made us presage a version full of errors, but many of them have quickly been solved. In this case, we stop to learn about a MIUI 12 problem linked to the fingerprint reader , causing sudden reboots that have a solution in some smartphones.

The forums and social networks have echoed this problem that has appeared in MIUI 12 and has spread to some models of the brand but especially in the Mi 9T, it is thus linked to the fingerprint reader on the screen of this mythical model to the failure . If this is your case, we are going to show you some solutions for MIUI 12 restarts that will allow you to continue when the mobile is relatively normal until the problem is solved.

A necessary update that has not reached everyone

After knowing these problems, the developers of Xiaomi got to work to try to give a quick solution to this failure, however, although a few weeks have passed since this, some users continue with the problem. This may be due to the fact that your Xiaomi mobile is linked to an operator and that means that more time passes until you can solve it.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

But nevertheless, there are other models with the Global ROM without being linked to the operators, which are also dragging the problem of the fingerprint reader with MIUI 12 even after having updated the mobile with all the security patches. To check it, we recommend that you must access Settings> About the phone> press MIUI.

Reset biometric security

We may think that the update fixes everything, but nevertheless sometimes MIUI 12 needs a little “push”. In order to recover the operation of the fingerprint reader without reboots on our mobile, we will have to follow a few simple steps that what they do is force a restart of the Xiaomi biometric security system and thus the problem of reboots is forgotten.

miui 12 ajustes biométricos

  • First we will access the MIUI Settings.
  • Then we slide to Applications.
  • Here we touch on Manage applications.
  • We look for the so-called “MiuiBiometric”
  • We access and click on clear data, confirming the action.

If it doesn’t work, the Hard Reset will be the solution

Sometimes these steps are not enough and it is also necessary to reset the entire system. For this we will have to erase everything from the mobile and therefore we will have to move all the photos and files that we do not want to lose to another device. To reset the Xiaomi mobile we will only have to follow these steps below:

  • We start by turning off the mobile.
  • Then we press and hold the power button and increase volume.
  • Now we move with the volume buttons and we will access with the power button.
  • We enter the “Wipe Data” option.
  • Now in the “Wipe All Data” option.
  • To return, click on “Back to main menu”
  • And on the screen we choose “Reboot” followed finally by “Reboot to System”.