MediaTek Introduces New 5G mmWave Compatible M80 Modem

The race for the expansion of 5G is picking up speed, not only with the many devices that come to market equipped with this technology. But above all because the technology behind them is advancing at great speed, with modems like the new MediaTek M80 5G , which now offers more speed and better compatibility.

Behind our 5G-compatible devices there is always a modem that allows this connectivity, and MediaTek is one of the main manufacturers in the market, especially for mobile devices, although with products like the one that the firm has just presented, many equipment possibilities open up. in other technology segments.

Compatible with 5G mmWave and Sub-6 GHz networks

The new modem presented by MediaTek is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers of both desktop and mobile devices to have a cutting-edge and versatile 5G technology. This new modem is characterized by offering even more speed than previous generations, with a maximum speed of 7.67 Gbps in the downlink and 3.76 Gbps in the uplink . A modem that also integrates technologies as important for mobile devices as the 5G dual SIM. It is also compatible with two 5G networks NSA and SA, and dual Voice over New Radio (VoNR) that improve the quality of connectivity.

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It is a very versatile modem, and not only is it going to have a long history in the mobile telephony market, but it also lends itself to offering great network performance on other devices. Such as personal computers, Mi-Fi access points, broadband equipment at the customer’s premises (CPE), and of course, one of the main 5G players, such as the IOT segment, which is one of the great beneficiaries of this technology.

State-of-the-art technology for the Dimensity

MediaTek has managed to take a great leap in quality in its Dimensity processors thanks to the inclusion of the first generation 5G modem, the M70, which is the one currently integrated by mobile phones with the brand’s 5G-compatible processors. Therefore, it is expected that we will begin to know new mobiles with Dimensity processors that will integrate this 5G technology . This 2021 we will see MediaTek chipsets such as the T700 and T750 integrated in numerous PCs with 5G connectivity as well as in 5G fixed wireless access router (FWA) as well as in mobile access point devices.

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This new M80 modem from MediaTek offers numerous radio access technologies such as 3GPP Release 16 standard, carrier aggregation and dual connectivity sub-6 GHz and mmWave , 5G NR (FR1) with more than two carrier aggregations, 5G mmWave (FR2 ) up to 8CC, 5G carrier aggregation with Mixed Duplex (TDD + FDD) and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). Another of the strengths of this processor is undoubtedly MediaTek’s UltraSave technology that allows to save more energy with a more efficient behavior.

Thanks to UltraSave Network Environment Detection and UltraSave OTA Content Awareness technologies , energy consumption can be adapted to energy consumption for each of the processes and needs of the network at all times. On the other hand, MediaTek’s Dynamic Bandwidth Part (BWP) technology is capable of optimizing the available bandwidth at all times, and with DRX technology (C-DRX) the modem is kept on standby even in cases where there is no any data activity. Therefore with this modem we can expect even more speed in the next mobiles equipped with Dimensity processors that are increasingly in all ranges.