Reasons to Use SMS Messaging as a Business Service

It’s no puzzle that texting is one of the most preferred ways of communication for most consumers or customers. The convenience and ease of text messaging are important to the growth and development of a business. Aside from it being a preferred means of communication for consumers or ubiquitousness and popularity aside, there are so many other reasons why a business should use business text messaging to engage with their customers well enough. Going forward, you’ll understand why companies benefit from a business text messaging service.

Text messages have been in use since 1992 and. It’s barely changed at all since then, most especially in the way that we use it, the basics are still very much the same. And over time its popularity has grown, and more so, it’s used a lot by businesses.


Why You Should Use SMS Messaging For Your Business

Well, you should use SMS as a service channel because of its reliability, they are cost-effective, quick, and results can very quickly be examined. More so, It’s simple to set up, efficient, and most importantly it has an almost instant impact on sales. SMS has its advantages over other forms of marketing activities and email. Even more so, folks at insist that text messaging has passed the use of direct calling, and yet still provides a 2-way personal conversation. It’s a popular fact that 90% of text messages are opened and read within 2 to 3 minutes. That kind of attention in marketing is important for businesses.

As a marketing tool, it has grown, in recent times businesses have found a way to adapt SMS and in turn optimize it for use as a service tool, because of its many advantages.

Using SMS messaging for your business can help to: develop more elevated brand loyalty, increase customer or consumer retention, attract new customers, increase overall sales, provide a profitable return on investment, and provide immediate communication.

Reasons To Use SMS Messaging As A Business Service

It’s An Easy Form Of Communication

The basic truth is that texting is super easy for your customers. A lot of consumers or customers usually have a mobile device with them 24/7, thus, sending and receiving texts doesn’t interrupt or obstruct their day-to-day activities. More so, it’s easier for a lot of business owners and managers because it’s easy to implement, easy to engage with customers, and easy to manage.

It Will Save You Time

Text messaging as a business service can make your business operation more efficient, inbuilt features like chatbots, make collecting data and sharing information easy. Chatbots can guide every step of your customer’s journey, from the first contact to concluding feedback. They can also connect customers or users to the appropriate agent.

More so, pre-built responses, known as snippets, help workers to quickly send canned messages like answers or greetings to commonly asked questions. Even more, snippets are also a great way to distribute information that might be cumbersome and lengthy to type, like details about a promotion or a lengthy return policy.

It Outperforms Other Channels

SMS Marketing boasts more comprehensive attention and immediacy than other digital marketing methods of marketing: from SMS topples email, Facebook, push notifications, and

open rates to delivery, when compared to other forms of advertising, SMS Marketing can lead to greater engagement rates and desirable ROI. While SMS exceeds other forms of marketing by bounds and leaps, it’s even more so, effective when used in combination with email, push notification, voice, and other channels, as a combined part of your mobile and digital marketing strategy.

You Get Feedbacks Fast

After a sale or after a customer has been using your products for a while, a business text message is a nice and easy way to get feedback from your customers. It’s convenient, less of trouble than filling out a survey and fast. By simply asking a customer to rate a recent acquisition via text is far more likely to get a reply than an email would since the read rate of SMS messaging is so much higher.


You Can Get Your Messages Easily Read By Customers

The truth is that when you send out marketing emails to customers; it might be very hard to get responses. But SMS messages are almost regularly read. Some estimations insist that the read rate of SMS is at 98%, on the other hand, email read rate is at 10%.

Irrespective of if you’re sending a global marketing campaign to millions or even more so, engaging customers, the use of SMS message marketing is a highly effective and easy way to interact with your customer. Incorporating it into your business strategy will help you reach more people. Doing so will help grow your business faster than you expected.