Realme X2 Pro, How to Solve the Problems with Notifications

realme-x2-pro-notificationThe company really came to our country stomping, with a series of devices that become the rivals to beat within each of the price ranges. In the high range of realme we find the realme X2 Pro , a smartphone that has managed to cope with Xiaomi, with a set of versatile cameras and a system that is gradually improving, although it still shows certain problems with notifications.

The company has started updating its models with an improved version of the realme customization layer , seeking to solve some problems and aspects that do not adapt to the needs of the users. In spite of that, it has things to polish and until then, it will be us through the adjustments, which we get the most out of the phone without losing any notification or having to access the applications to receive them.

Remove battery restrictions

Within mobile phones with Android 9 and Android 10, we have a number of options that allow manufacturers to optimize the battery . These settings by default can be very strict, but we can adjust them so that the notifications we want are not lost until we enter for example in WhatsApp.

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To get the notifications that never skip us, we have to go to the device settings, find the installed applications and enter those apps from which we do not receive the notifications. Within this section we will be able to select notifications and allow them all. Then we will have to go to the battery optimization in this same application and establish that it is not optimized automatically.

Alternative to receive notifications

Another method of allowing notifications not to be lost is to prevent the application from closing in the background. In the case of WhatsApp notifications , this method is usually the best solution, since its consumption is very limited and we will avoid losing important messages.

Problemas notificaciones realme x2 pro

To keep an application always open in our Realme X2 Pro, we just have to open multitasking, which we can use using on-screen buttons or with gestures. Once we have multitasking open, we will only have to touch in the upper right corner of each application that we want to fix . A series of options will appear among which is the one to block this application, from this moment although we will release the multitasking the chosen applications will not be closed, avoiding the problems that we suffer when not receiving notifications.