How to Change the Notification LED Color on Your Huawei Mobile

led-huawei-phoneDue to the growth of our mobile screens and the presence of increasingly tiny notch, the notification LED is slowly disappearing. However, for many users it is still a feature on many devices, especially Huawei .

And it is that they serve as a hands-free way to alert you about the different types of notifications that you are receiving on your phone without having to take the phone to know what is happening. It is not even necessary to unlock the screen to know if you have a missed call, a WhatsApp message or a low battery alert.

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This notification light is disabled by default on many Huawei phones, but you can activate it later, go on to configure the different types of colors that you want to associate with each alert, since EMUI 10 does not allow you to change them from the mobile settings.

How to activate the Led notifications in Huawei

Access the EMUI 10 settings and scroll through the options until you find the Notifications menu. Here you will find a list with all the apps installed on your phone and the possibility of displaying or not displaying alerts on your smartphone, either in the notification panel, on the icon itself or on the lock screen.

If you want the LED of your Huawei mobile to turn on when receiving any alert, you will have to access the More notification settings menu and, once inside, check the Intermittent notification light option.

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This will activate the mobile light alerts that have Led, but you will not be able to configure their color.

Change its color with LED Blinker

To be able to change the color of the notifications on your Huawei mobile you must use an external app, valid for both the Chinese brand mobile phones and for the terminals of other manufacturers that do not allow you to change the tone of this bulb by default. There are two versions, a free one that allows you to change the color of phone, SMS and battery app notifications, and another one that allows you to have alerts from any app installed on your phone show with a fully customized color.

Download Led Blinker for your Huawei mobile

As soon as you install it, the app itself will ask you for permission to access notifications. Grant it and from the initial screen of the app you will see the apps that you can change color. Simply select the desired one, click on the color circle and set a new one.

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To add more applications to configure test, from the 3-line menu located in the upper right corner, select add apps. Click on the red box of the proposed options and, if you have the paid version, you can add any app to your catalog and set the color of the notification Led you want.