Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum Review: Opinion and Price

Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum

Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum , that is the name of the manufacturer’s first robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber that until now had surprised us with mobile phones with very attractive prices and features. Now it seems that it follows the same scheme and introduces a proposal loaded with technology at a competitive price and with a good cleaning capacity, which in the end is the important thing.

A useful design, not innovative

The design of robot vacuum cleaners today will not surprise anyone, because practically 99% of all of them are circular. This time we are not facing that remaining 1%, so what you find as soon as you take the device out of its box is a circular robot vacuum cleaner.

Where each manufacturer contributes its small point of differentiation is in the finishes and in small details such as the inclusion or not of some type of handle that serves to transport the robot from one location to another more easily or also help in the process of removing the tank for emptying and cleaning.

In the case of the Realme Techlife Robot Vacuum, the highlight is the glossy plastic finish on its upper part and that small projection where the LiDAR sensor is located with that characteristic yellow touch of the brand. Well, that and there is no type of handle here. The latter makes it a bit difficult to carry the robot from one place to another, but it is also true that the idea is that it is hardly necessary to do it. And to empty the tank, you just have to bend down and remove it with a simple gesture.

Therefore, the design of the Realme robot vacuum cleaner will not break schemes, but it does achieve something that is basic in any proposal of this type: being useful and functional for its purpose.

The keys to Realme Techlife

To think that because all robot vacuum cleaners are the same in terms of design implies that when cleaning they are also identical is to fall into a major error. This is not the case and there are technical aspects that notably mark the efficiency when cleaning. And beware, to clean well you not only need a high suction level or the latest technology, you have to have a balance between both sections. So that the price also does not skyrocket and is an attractive option.

The Realme TechLife is a robot that has found that balance between technology and cleaning capacity well. But if you think so, we will tell you what are the reasons why this happens.

38 sensors to monitor everything around you

At the technology level, the Realme TechLife is one of the most complete robot vacuum cleaners, it includes 38 sensors that allow it to detect obstacles, distances between it and the walls of the room, the surface it is cleaning, temperatures and even if it is on the floor or on the floor. you have taken to take it to another room.

It does all this with sensors ranging from gyroscopes to temperature, ToF or LiDAR sensors like the one you may have seen and will know from devices such as Apple’s iPhone or iPad and even Google’s Pixel among many others.

Thanks to all this technology and an application that we will talk about in detail later, the Realme robot vacuum cleaner is capable of performing its tasks efficiently.

Two brushes instead of one

Most robot vacuum cleaners have a single brush. This is responsible for reaching areas such as the corners of a room to drag the dirt to the main roller where it will be sucked.

Well, here Realme is committed to placing two brushes with which this sweeping process is carried out in a more efficient way. A proof of this is how it was able to collect flour from the ground, something that is not easy at all due to its size and its ease of being spread. By having two brushes, between them they achieved a more effective cleaning.

A very effective main roller

The area of ​​the rollers and these in robot vacuum cleaners can be very varied. There are the rollers that only make use of broom-type bristles, also those that are completely made of rubber and also robots that bet on the use of one or two.

In this case, Realme combines a bit of everything. We only have one roller, it is true, but this one has bristles with a higher density and also rubber parts. Thanks to this combination, the sweeping is very effective, but also the ability to remove the most encrusted dirt from the floor. So the cleaning capacity increases considerably.

Advanced navigation

The aforementioned sensors offer advantages of all kinds, but there is one that we have found that makes a difference: the navigation of the robot. Thanks mainly to this LiDAR sensor, the Realme Techlife is able to create a detailed map of the house , detecting the exact measurements and furniture that could impede your cleaning work. For example, tables or furniture where it is impossible for you to enter.

This information is what then allows you to take advantage of application options such as the possibility of defining virtual walls or establishing which areas you want to clean or not. Even do it dry or taking advantage of the scrub option if the additional accessory is purchased separately.

A powerful application and integration with voice assistants

Along with everything seen, now it is time to talk about the application, one of those sections that are also important. Because with this type of robot, one of the benefits sought is to have more free time as the house requires less maintenance.

Well, to achieve this it is important that the cleaning is effective in terms of the suction capacity of the device itself, but also in the effectiveness of doing it in all areas equally unless we define it that way. Hence, having a capable application is essential.

In this case, Realme Link is the app that is in charge of managing the robot. It is an app available for mobile devices and has the ability to manage this and many other brand devices. Because as we said, Realme intends to continue bringing more devices designed for the connected home.

From the application, after a very simple and well-guided pairing process, we can control a wide variety of options that will range from scheduling cleaning days and hours, if we want it to be done only in specific areas or throughout the house, what kind of cleaning, intensity of it, etc.

In other words, users who are less expert in these types of solutions will find that adjusting each parameter is very simple. But the more advanced will not feel that they are limited. Because even with the integration into platforms such as Alexa or Google Assistant, it will be easy to create custom routines.

In addition, so that you can see the potential of the application, in it you can save up to five maps that can correspond to five different addresses or locations such as home and office, etc. In each of these, you will be able to edit restricted areas where, for example, the use of a vacuum cleaner would not be recommended because it is a more delicate type of floor or because there are usually cables with which it could become entangled. Also the type of cleaning, because if they are carpets or rugs it would not be ideal to resort to the scrubbing option, etc.

Undoubtedly the application is one of those sections that give more value to the global set that Realme proposes with its first robot vacuum cleaner. Because it even gives you statistics on the total areas cleaned, the cycles and the total time.

The dark side of the robot

Finally, the user experience we have had with this Realme robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber has been very satisfactory. The capacity of the tank, the autonomy, the cleaning power and all the software options make you quickly get used to it and all those advantages that it can bring on a day-to-day basis.

Still, as with other similar robots, this one also has its dark side. And there are situations where you will have to take certain precautions. The first is in those rooms or rooms with a lot of furniture that makes it difficult for you to move freely. There the cleaning will only be perimeter, so you would have to go behind to clean under tables, etc. The reason is obvious, if it does not enter it cannot do anything else than skirt.

The second is that the cables or small objects can try to vacuum them and in most cases the only thing that will achieve is to block the main brush, thus stopping the cleaning process. So it is advisable not to leave anything lying on the ground.

Finally, there is the issue of long-pile rugs or those that are taller than normal. On these occasions, the wheels and the height itself will determine whether or not you can clean them. This is something common to all robots, so as with the previous points, all you have to do is take certain precautions and that’s it. Because otherwise it is a very solvent robot and with a cleaning capacity that surprises and you will notice from the first day. Especially when you run the mop for the first time after using it and see that the water is no longer as dirty as it used to be.

Regarding the price, for a limited time it will be at a special presale price of only  279 euros,  then it will go to its official price of 379 euros. So, don’t think about it too much.