The Realme Band 2 is like a rectangular Apple Watch mini

Realme Band 2

Realme continues to expand its product portfolio and this time it arrives with a second quantification bracelet. The Realme Band 2 has already been presented in India, weeks before it did in Malaysia, and it will probably not take long to see the light in other markets. Meanwhile, let’s see what this new option that comes to continue competing with heavyweights like Xiaomi‘s Mi Band 6 offers.

Realme Band 2, specifications

India has been one of the most important markets since the company’s inception. Therefore, it is not surprising that the majority of releases first see the light in that country and later they will reach others such as Spain.

The latest news from Realme are a couple of new mobile terminals, a smart TV and a quantification bracelet. The latter is the second and although it maintains that approach of an economic device that provides certain value to the user due to its different options, it also adds some changes that could interest you if the popular Xiaomi Mi Band or other similar options do not attract your attention because of the whatever reason.

For starters, a quick overview of the technical specifications that shape this Realme bracelet.

  • New 1.4 inch touch screen
  • Panel resolution 167 x 320 pixels
  • 500 nit max brightness
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Sensor for measuring blood oxygen (SpO2)
  • Waterproof
  • Battery for up to 12 days of use

This is at the hardware level the highlight of the new Realme quantification bracelet, but of course there are other important aspects that you always have to know.

A more colorful design

When we talked about the first Realme Band we already said it: this was a quantification bracelet that was positioned as a tough rival for the Mi Band 5. Of course that was at the beginning of 2020 and after a new model by Xiaomi, to Realme It was also his turn to move if he wanted to continue in that market.

So he has done it and the result is this Realme Band 2, a new bracelet that by specifications is better and also by design. Now its aesthetic feels more attractive and in line with what is being seen by other brands. Also, the main change is that increase in screen size. And it’s not excessive, but going from 0.96 inches to 1.4 inches is noticeable .

Otherwise, it is like a kind of mini Apple Watch with that rectangular case with rounded edges and finishes that look different. Although if you had to look for a much more faithful resemblance, possibly one of the Huawei or Oppo bracelets would fit more.

Along with a bracelet with a width of 18 mm and a magnetic charging system, for which the specific charging base that Realme has for its product is required, the Realme Band 2 is a device that now looks better compared to its previous generation and that’s always good.

However, what is important is everything it offers in terms of quantification (90 sports activities), heart rate measurement, blood oxygen level, receiving notifications, controlling devices such as external headphones, etc. And yes, all this at a very attractive price. Because the change would cost about 25 euros. Although with the import it ends up rising to 30 or 35 euros, it will still be a great option.

When does the Realme Band 2 arrive in Spain?

This is a good question, but sadly we don’t have the answer. It is true that Spain is also a market where the company knows that it has many possibilities for growth. So it probably won’t take long for you to decide to launch it here.

For now we will have to be patient, but it is clear that as soon as it arrives it will position itself as one of the options to consider if you are looking for something of this style, elegant, functional. In short, you could be one of the best cheap quantification bracelets. Something that was already the first version.