Realme: How to Activate and Configure the Smart Sidebar

Realme mobiles are updating Realme UI , the company’s own personalization layer with which Color OS is left behind. In addition to its aesthetic innovations we also find new features such as the intelligent sidebar, a personalized access that allows us much more than entering applications.

So you can get a lot more out of your mobile, we really show you how you can activate the smart sidebar and everything you can do with it. From the classic quick accesses, to predefined actions and the possibility of using floating applications. This option is available for both Realme x2 and Realme x2 Pro, as all other models that already have Realme UI.


Activate the smart sidebar on Realme mobiles

If you want to start taking advantage of the smart sidebar designed by Realme, you will have to follow a few simple steps where the first thing is to go to Settings> Smart options> Smart sidebar and activate it. We can choose if we want to use it both horizontally and vertically , allowing us to perform more actions even while we are playing games.

Activar barra lateral inteligente realme

Once activated we will see on all the applications or start screen and menus to our right a small line which we have to drag towards the center of the screen to see it and to be able to carry out all the functions.

Configure the smart sidebar

By default they will come predefined with some shortcuts and tools, but we can edit these accesses as well as the position. To move it, we will only have to drag it and choose the position where it is most comfortable for us. To edit the accesses and applications we just have to click on the “+” icon or keep your finger pressed on one of them.

Configurar barra lateral móviles realme UI

We will see the functions that we can add and by simply dragging them they are already configured. At the top we always have access to the quick tools among which we find the screenshots or screen recording .

Take advantage of overlay functions

Among the options available in the smart sidebar, we have the option to add some apps that work from an overlay, this makes us able to use other applications while we are playing games or performing other actions. Some of them are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or messages, which we usually need more often.

barra lateral inteligente realme juegos

This application will be able to move and drag it so that it does not bother during our game and hide it whenever we want. With this we get better results than with the split screen, also available in Realme UI.