WiFi Problems on Realme 5? How to Fix it

It is almost impossible to find a mobile that is 100% trouble free. When they go on the market, software engineers still have a lot of work ahead of them, and hence the large number of updates in the form of patches that are released to correct errors. The Realme 5 is one of the best mid-range phones of the moment, but some users have reported problems with Wi-Fi connectivity , which may have an easy solution if we consider these tips.

As we say, many of the patches released by manufacturers are intended to correct problems that occur in the initial stages of realme marketing. Although the previous work of the manufacturer is commendable, only when a mobile is put in the hands of tens of thousands of people, can failures appear that have not been previously detected. Let’s take a look at both the main problems of Realme 5 with Wi-Fi connectivity and how to solve them.


How to solve the problem

The problems of rRalme 5 with Wi-Fi can be derived from a low connection speed, or the inability to connect to a specific network. In both cases, we can perform some verification tests to try to correct the fault.

Update the device

This is the first step we have to do before shuffling other options. If our Realme 5 has any pending update , we must update it. Since its release to the market, the terminal has already received some patches to solve problems, including improvements in connectivity. For this we go to the Settings / System / System Updates menu .

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When Wi-Fi works at low speed

In this case, the connection has been made but the speed is not as expected. Both Realme and users who have had this problem, recommend performing the following tests to try to solve it.

  • Check the WiFi signal in the status bar. We must ensure that we are within range of the router and that we can receive the signal with sufficient intensity.
  • If we are connected in a public Wi-Fi network, the network speed may be slow, due to multiple user connections. Ideally, try to connect to another Wi-Fi and see if the problem has been fixed.
  • Clean the caches and junk files of your phone and perform a security analysis.
  • If we have access to the router, we must restart it and try again
  • Check if it is a problem of our operator with possible failures or network limits in our area.

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When we can’t connect to Wi-Fi

  • The second case is more extreme, since there is no way that the terminal can connect to the Wi-Fi network. In this case we will also have to verify several key aspects to try to find the solution.
  • Check that the router is turned on and that you are within range.
  • Test the WiFi network on other phones. If other phones do not connect to this WiFi network, the problem is the connection and we must contact the network operator for help.
  • Check if the password has been entered correctly. If you cannot connect to a saved WiFi network, click on “forget this network”, and enter the password again and to reconnect.
  • Go to Settings / Additional Settings / Application Manager / All / Wi-Fi Options. Then we delete the data from the cache, restart the phone and try to connect again.

Return to factory settings

It is the last option before arranging a visit with the Technical Service in case it is a hardware problem. In this case we must turn off the phone and keep the on / off and low volume buttons pressed simultaneously. Then we release the buttons when you see the Realme logo. In the menu that will appear, select “Wipe data” and then on “Format Data” to leave the phone as newly purchased, and check if the problem is solved.