Realme 8 Pro: Best Covers to Protect It from Bumps and Scratches

The successor to one of the best-selling mobiles of last year now has the difficult mission of surpassing it in sales or at least matching it and being so popular. And the truth is that the Realme 8 Pro has everything to achieve it, and if you are one of those who think it deserves a chance, maybe these covers will come in handy to release it.

A Realme 8 Pro that despite its good price offers us quality finishes that we will have to protect with a cover if we do not want its appearance to be ruined after a few weeks, especially on its back. Here we are going to review the most interesting covers for this model, and the most representative ones, of different designs and formats.

Cases for Realme 8 Pro

Transparent silicone

The most basic and at the same time the most practical case that we can buy for our mobile. Since with it not only the terminal is protected, but we can also boast of it, of its design. It also comes with a tempered glass sheet to protect the screen from bumps and scratches.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro

With reinforced and weathered corners

This case is another of the classics that we find for any phone, and in this case the Realme 8 Pro is no exception. Since we have a cover that is transparent, but only in part, since it has a color gradient that we can choose between purple, yellow, coral, or blue. Best of all, it has reinforced corners, with a greater absorbent surface.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro

With a creative touch

This cover will undoubtedly prevent us from walking around indifferently. Since we are going to have a fun full color illustration on the back, which is also transparent in the areas where there is no drawing. Therefore it can be combined with the color of our Realme. This is completely silicone, so it offers all the advantages of this.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro

Six for the price of one

It is without a doubt the best of this pack of covers. Because we are suddenly getting six different colored covers for our Realme 8 Pro. These covers are made of silicone, like the traditional ones, although they are covered in different colors. In this case they are black, dark blue, red, green, pink and white. And all of them for the same price as a single cover.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro


Integral protection

This model is characterized by having a modern, almost futuristic design, and by giving the phone a rugged look that suits you very well. It completely covers the phone with a very attractive design that also favors a good grip. The corners of this cover also offer extra protection against shocks, as it is made of a highly absorbent material. It also hides a base that is practically unnoticeable at the rear, due to how well it is integrated.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro

Simulating carbon fiber

This is another classic design, since it offers us a finish that simulates that of carbon fiber, which as you know is typical of high-end super sports vehicles and other products more associated with high performance or luxury. In this case there is no fiber, but there is silicone that simulates its appearance. Something that suits you very well and that of course gives a quite sporty touch to our phone.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro

Imitation leather

This other design offers us a different finish, with which it has a material that simulates the appearance of skin, and therefore obtains a more elegant appearance than with other types of covers. A design that, in addition to being elegant, fully protects the phone with a thicker profile. This absorbs more shocks and therefore we can go calmly with our Realme without fearing any accidental damage.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro

Of Cristal

This case offers us a very attractive design, as it adds a tempered glass back that of course improves the image of our phone. But not only that, because it also offers us additional protection thanks to this material, which is very resistant. Although it is a flexible case, its back is made of gradient glass.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro

Book format

With card holder and wallet

This cover offers us a classic design in this format. First, because its finish in imitation leather is already a common design in this type of case, and in this case with a color that goes with everything and gives it an elegant touch. But the best thing is the card holder that it has inside, on the left side, where it has a small wallet behind. On the other hand, there is a silicone case on the right side, which completely wraps the phone.

Realme 8 Pro

As an ultra-resistant case

The design of this case is one of the most surprising we have seen for this and other models. Since it is shaped like a hard case, it also has a finish that mimics carbon fiber. When it is opened we see on the right side the case for the phone, which protects it completely, also on the front, something that is to be appreciated. The best thing is that it not only has a card holder, but it is also very resistant to shocks.

Fundas Realme 8 Pro