Ramnit: How to Remove It from Windows and Avoid Being a Victim

There are computer security threats that can appear spontaneously and then not last long. At other times, a certain malware can adapt to security measures and improve over time. Finally, other cases correspond to the same malware that can persist for a long time and attacks periodically. In this article we are going to talk about Ramnit , a threat that affects Windows users. We will give advice on how to protect ourselves and explain how you can compromise us.

Ramnit, the Windows threat that must be eliminated as soon as possible

This is not something new, since Ramnit has been with us for several years. It is a threat that affects Microsoft operating systems. It is very dangerous, since if it is not eliminated quickly, it can spread rapidly throughout the computer and even damage other devices.

Ramnit: Remove It from Windows and Avoid Being a Victim

When trying to protect our systems from the many threats that exist, one of the keys is speed. It is vital that in certain varieties of malware we can detect them as quickly as possible. Many of them require a certain time to achieve their goal. We are talking, for example, of ransomware, which could even take weeks to complete its attack.

In Ramnit’s case, time is very important. As we say, it has the possibility of spreading quickly among the files on a computer and could make it totally unusable.

How Ramnit Spread

This threat generally spreads via infected USB sticks . The malware copies itself with a random file name. But of course, before that it comes through some other source. In other words, first a victim is infected with this malicious software and later their flash memories are in turn infected to spread to other computers.

In the initial stage, Ramnit usually comes through the download of software that has been maliciously modified. It is usually found on sites that offer pirated programs, files to generate installation keys, and the like.

Ramnit has the ability to infect EXE and HTML files . Later, once it reaches the computer, it is able to open a back door that is used by an attacker remotely to download new threats and execute malicious files.

It is therefore at this stage, this moment before an attacker can enter remotely, when it is vital that we remove them from our system. Otherwise it could spread to all files on your computer and render it useless. A major problem, as we can see.

How to remove Ramnit from your computer

Let us put ourselves in the most negative circumstance: we have been victims of Ramnit and we need to eliminate him from the system. Keep in mind that time is vital in this case , as we have seen. We can also apply this to other similar threats.

Luckily we have certain tools and formulas to make our computer work properly again and be free of threats. We will explain the main options.

Mozi, una nueva amenaza en forma de malware

Perform a full scan

Undoubtedly an option to take into account is to carry out an exhaustive analysis with our antivirus . For this, we will have to have one trained for it, who offers guarantees and who can perform an in-depth scan of our system, in addition to being able to eliminate threats.

As we know, there are many antivirus and security tools in general that we can use in our day to day. There are both free and paid and are present for all types of devices. In this case, we want it to work for Windows, of course.

We have indicated that Ramnit mainly affects EXE and HTML files. Therefore we will need an antivirus that completely scans all these files. Hopefully you can clean the system properly and we can use it normally.

But we have also seen that this malware spreads rapidly through flash drives. If we have used a pendrive, for example, we must also analyze it.

Symantec Anti Ramnit Tool

A more specific alternative is to use a Symantec anti-Ramnit tool. It is specially designed to eliminate this variety of malware from our Windows system.

We have to download this tool. Later we just have to run it, since it has a portable version. It will automatically start looking for Ramnit in our system and cleaning it.

What this software does, among other things, is to close all processes related to Ramnit. It acts more directly than a generic antivirus.

Format the system

We do not want to go to this extreme. However, sometimes, especially when the threat has spread a lot and other varieties of malware have also been installed on our system, there is no choice.

When formatting the system we start from scratch. It is true that there are certain varieties of malware (although rare) that could persist. But in general we can say that this extreme solution must be worth it.

How to format Windows? To do this we go to Start, enter Settings, access Update and security and then Recovery. There we will click on Start, within Reset this PC.

Restablecer Windows para eliminar Ramnit

How to avoid being victims of Ramnit

We have seen what Ramnit is, how it works and how to eliminate it in case we are infected by this threat. Now we are going to move on to the most important point: how to avoid being a victim. Luckily we will have different key points that if we take them into account we will avoid problems of this type.

Security tools

A good antivirus cannot be missing from our team, as well as other security tools that we can add. It is essential that we have this type of software regardless of the operating system or device that we are using.

As we know there are many options that we can use. It is important that we make sure that the tool we are going to use is adequate, current and will protect us correctly.

Keeping equipment updated

Of course another issue to take into account is to keep the equipment updated . There are many occasions when vulnerabilities can arise. Bugs that could be used by hackers to carry out their attacks.

The manufacturers and developers themselves release security updates to correct these problems. We must always have all the patches installed and avoid bugs that compromise us. This must also be applied to any program that we have installed, since vulnerabilities can also arise.

Download only from official sites

This is essential. We have seen that in the case of Ramnit it usually spreads through the download of files that are malicious. It is essential that we take care of this aspect. We must always download from official sites .

If we avoid third party pages, platforms that do not offer guarantees, we will have a lot to win to avoid threats like this one that we mentioned.

Common sense

Last but surely the most important thing, common sense . We must avoid common mistakes such as opening insecure attachments that come to us by email, installing any program that we find without confirming its origin, opening links from social networks that may be a scam …

In short, keeping common sense present at all times is our best ally not only to prevent the entry of Ramnit, but of any other threat on the Internet.