Quickly Open the Folders You Use Most in Windows 10

As the years have passed, we increasingly use more files and folders in Windows 10. That is why being able to organize them in the best way can improve the user experience with the operating system. At the same time, this will help us to increase our productivity.

Due to these enormous amounts of data that we use on the PC, the correct organization through folders is one of the most effective methods. But of course, however, we must access them, so we have to navigate the disk drives equally. This is a somewhat annoying and cumbersome task in many cases, but it is also something we can improve.

Windows 10 Quick Access
Windows 10 Quick Access

As we are going to show you in these lines, the system itself offers us some functions with which we can speed up the access so that we can open the folders that we use most quickly. For example, we can use the shortcuts to select folders. These are items that for example we can place on the Windows desktop, so even if that folder is hidden, we can open it immediately.

his is something that we can achieve by clicking with the right mouse button on any element of this type, the context menu will allow us to create that access. Moreover, it will ask us if we want to generate it in the same disk location, or on the desktop; Recommended is the second option.

Access in one click the folders you use most in Windows

Another element, in addition to the desktop, which can help us in this case, is the toolbar. Unless we have hidden it, the Windows bar is always present. Therefore, if we have File Explorer as a shortcut here, we can quickly access our favorite folders. At this point it is interesting to know that to add new folders to that section, the task cannot be easier.

To do this, we only have to drag the folder that we want to add, in the Explorer's own access icon located in the Windows 10 toolbar. Once we release it there, it will appear when you click with the second mouse button on the icon. As we have added it there, to remove it, click on the "pin" that appears to the right of the folder dragged previously.

Similarly, in order to speed up access to our favorite folders, File Explorer itself offers us a good solution, as expected. This is because this function that we comment on has a specific panel on the left side of the window where we can add what we want. This section is called "Quick Access", so we just have to place the folders we access there the most. Not surprisingly, it is the first option that appears when you start File Explorer.

Also, if we are accustomed to using the Windows 10 Start menu, an item so criticized by some, we can also add any folder here. To achieve this, we have to click with the right button on it, and select the option "Pin to Start". Once there, we can place it in the position we want by simply dragging it with the mouse.