Quick Share: how to use this feature in the Galaxy ecosystem

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the time of the year when more photos, videos and moments are shared. If you are one of those who does not stop taking photos with your mobile, or if you are simply one of those who always has a technological product in your hands, then you will be interested in what we are going to tell you in this article, since we are going to tell you how you can connect all your devices with Samsung‘s Quick Share functionality, you still don’t know it?

Quick Share

Unless you’ve spent the last few years locked in a cave, you’re probably familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem , where you can find everything from smartphones to laptops, including Earbuds and tablets. What if we tell you that you can connect all Galaxy devices to integrate with each other without having to worry about a thing? For example, imagine that you are watching a movie on your Galaxy Tab with the Galaxy Buds on and you receive a call on your mobile, how about answering and having the sound automatically go to the Earbuds? This and much more is what Quick Share will allow you to do.

Connect all your Galaxy devices with Quick Share

Quick Share comes by default on all Samsung Galaxy devices (with Android 10 at least), and we could say that it is a way to quickly send files between devices that are in the same radius of action. This connection is made using the Bluetooth protocol of the devices, and in addition to being fast and instantaneous, it has an added bonus, which is that it adds extra security by incorporating a firewall integrated into the connection, so that no one will ever be able to steal your data.

Tablet Samsung

In addition, it is very easy to use: to activate Quick Share, simply access the quick settings panel by sliding your finger from the top of the screen, and tap on the Quick Share function. Now, to share any file, simply access it from the Gallery and tap on the Quick Share icon; Next, a list of devices to which you can send the file will appear, just click on the one you want and that’s it, it’s that easy and fast.

Using this method you can share files between your Galaxy devices in a matter of seconds, but the thing does not stop there, and it is that unlike what happens when you share files by WhatsApp or Telgram, using Quick Share there is no type of loss of quality , since there is no type of intermediary that forces the files to be compressed before they are sent.

What else can you do apart from sharing photos and videos?

If Quick Share was limited to just sharing photos and videos between Galaxy devices, you wouldn’t need to write an article about it, would you? As we told you at the beginning, this is a functionality that will improve your quality of life, and as we have told you, you could be watching a movie on a Galaxy Tab with the Galaxy Buds on and, when you miss a call on the smartphone, answer directly with the Earbuds without having to touch or configure anything. This is called full integration between devices, although Samsung has also given it its own name: Autoswitch.

Samsung Galaxy

Another of the features that this tool has is called ” Link to Windows “, and it allows you to make your Galaxy Book laptop and your smartphone work as if they were a single device, being able to use calls and applications interchangeably, as well as receive notifications on both devices. . Use the one that suits you best at all times!

But this does not stop there, since if you have a Galaxy Tab, you can integrate it into the Galaxy ecosystem so that you can use it as a second monitor on a Galaxy Book, thus extending the laptop desktop towards the tablet to have a greater work space and, for example, checking email on one screen while reviewing a presentation on the other. What is it useful for?

Samsung Share

So far we have explained some features of the Galaxy ecosystem that are not bad at all, right? In summary, Quick Share and the Galaxy ecosystem offer you:

  • Save time by instantly sending files from a Galaxy smartphone, tablet, or Book to other nearby Galaxy devices—even multiple devices. Also, no quality is lost in the process.
  • Replicate your smartphone on TV and maintain your privacy thanks to the Cast application, which from Smart View allows you to prevent personal messages or notifications from appearing on the TV screen and, in fact, you can continue using the smartphone for whatever you want while you share the screen on TV.
  • Never miss a call, because if you’re working on a Galaxy Tab, for example, your Galaxy smartphone will send calls or messages to this device so you’re always up to date.

This Christmas, give away time and productivity. Give away Quick Share.