Publish all your data; the latest ransomware threat

Ransomware is undoubtedly one of the security threats that has been most present on the network in recent years. It is also one of the most dangerous types of malware, since as we know it has the objective of encrypting all our files and request a rescue in exchange for being able to read them. It is an important problem that affects both private users and companies. Now, over time they have been acquiring new techniques to be more successful. Today we echo how ransomware will threaten to publish stolen data.

The ransomware will threaten to publish the stolen data

Security tools , the tactics we can use to protect ourselves, have improved in recent years. But logically this also makes cyber criminals look for ways to perfect their attacks. Until now the normal thing in a ransomware was that it encrypted the files of a computer and later requested an economic rescue to access them. It is the basic way in which they achieve their benefits.

Now, as announced by REvil Ransomware , they will use stolen files and data to collect. That is, not only will they focus on encrypting the files, something for which many users and companies are already prepared when making backups; Now they will also make public all stolen information that could harm companies and users.

We already know that our data and personal information are of great value today on the Internet. This must be further expanded when it comes to companies. The attackers could not only make this data public and compromise our privacy, but also sell it to third parties for profit.

El problema del ransomware

Publish the data or sell it to third parties

From REvil they indicate that if a company does not pay the ransom they demand through their attack, the next step would be to disclose all the stolen information . That is, not only are we going to be unable to access those files, but also all that data and information can be public. They even indicate that they can sell that data to the competition, something that further aggravates the situation in the case of companies that have their own product and do not want the competition to know the details, for example.

In short, ransomware attacks will once again look for ways to be more successful. In the coming months we could see how companies and users that have been affected by this threat will have the problem of data disclosure.

As we always say, the best thing to protect ourselves from such attacks is common sense . In most cases, user interaction will be required. We may receive malware by e-mail, for example, and have to access a fake link or download malicious software. We must always be careful with everything we receive.

In the same way it is important to have security tools . A good antivirus can help us prevent malware from entering. It is also vital that our team is updated correctly. Only in this way can we avoid possible vulnerabilities that put our system at risk.