The Eliminator mode of Forza Horizon 4 is like Fortnite

Such is the popularity of Battle Royale modes, that even a car game has succumbed to such fashion. That is what the guys from Microsoft announced today, since Forza Horizon 4 will receive a new completely free game mode tomorrow that will face 72 players on a map that is gradually closing. The idea sounds familiar to you, right?

The Battle Royale of cars

FH4 The Eliminator

The British countryside is the stage where 72 players will face each other in frantic races under a new mode called The Eliminator . As you win and eliminate opponents you will get new cars more powerful and faster (there will be up to 10 different levels). The idea is that you go around the map to unlock more powerful vehicles, until you cross an opponent. At that time, a fast race will be activated, and you will have to fight life or death until you reach the goal. The winner stays and improves the car (you can improve the car and go up a level with respect to the one that was or stay with that of the opponent), and the loser says goodbye to the game.

There is a try, of course, but apparently it seems quite funny. The strategy in the game will depend if you prefer to stay hidden by the map, gradually improving your vehicle in the bonus zones, or if instead you decide to go for all in search of opponents who surrender to your driving skills. In that last case, the radar will be vital to quickly find your opponents.

Available on Xbox Game Pass

Remember that Forza Horizon 4 is available within the Xbox Game Pass subscription, so all those users with a subscription can play the game whenever they want thanks to the virtual game library. This new mode The Eliminator will be included with the next update 17 of Forza Horizon 4, and will be a completely free update for all players, so you will not have to pay absolutely nothing to get it.

When can The Eliminator be played?

FH4 Eliminator

The new mode will be available from tomorrow, December 12, so you already have a good excuse to play the occasional online game this Christmas.