How to Completely Restart Your Network

There are many occasions when we may have problems when connecting to the Internet. Complications may arise in our network that make it necessary to act in some way. It may be that the fault is in our router, in the wiring, in the configuration … Sometimes simply by restarting that network correctly you can solve the problem and navigate normally. Therefore in this article we will talk about it. We will explain how to correctly restart our network in case of connection problems.

Connection errors, something typical in our day to day

It is true that the technology has improved and most likely connection failures are less present than a few years ago. However, this does not mean that they have disappeared. We may have problems surfing the web, our devices collapse and, ultimately, the Internet speed is not what it should.

It may even be the case that we have the inability to connect properly. Our router is designed to be connected 24 hours a day, but sometimes it may require a break. This happens especially when we have many connected devices and we use it intensively.

How to correctly restart the network when there are problems

It should be mentioned that sometimes network problems can arise that are solved simply by restarting the router or the computer. Small failures that happen sometimes and that we can solve them easily. But we could also run into more important problems that require us to restart our network correctly and completely.

In our case we are going to be a bit “exaggerated” and we are going to put ourselves in the situation in which we need to completely restart the network . We have a problem or varied failures that makes us unable to navigate as we would like with our devices. It might even be that we cannot connect because of a bigger problem.

The first step we are going to take is to turn off all the devices that we have connected to the network. This includes all computers, mobiles, televisions … Anything also of what we know as the Internet of Things. We are interested in completely restarting the connection and that nothing is connected.

Later we will unplug the router and the possible amplifiers that we have connected. We will disconnect them completely from the mains. Keep in mind that you have to wait a bit, because if we turn it off and then on again, basically what we do is stay the same. It is advisable to keep it off for at least 2 minutes and make sure there will be no problems.

It is also interesting to disconnect the cable that connects us to the operator, which is usually a coaxial cable.

Equipos conectados a la red

Reconnect the router correctly

When we have completed these steps and spent at least a couple of minutes, the next thing we are going to do is reconnect the router . Once again we will wait 2 or 3 minutes until it is fully on and operational. Possibly our device has lights that indicate the process.

Later we will be connecting all the devices we had in the network. This means turning on the computer, mobile, IoT devices, etc. Anything we had previously connected to the router.

Having done all this we can access the Internet . We should be able to navigate smoothly by having done a complete process to correctly restart our network. If there is a hardware problem, such as a cable that was improperly connected, we will also have solved it.

We must bear in mind that with these steps we can solve certain problems. This does not mean that there are no failures that are causing a bad Internet connection and that it has not been possible to solve them. For example if any component is damaged, such as the network cable, network card, etc. It could also be the case that our computer has some malware.

In short, if we want to correctly restart our network beyond turning off the router, these are the steps to follow. In this way we will disconnect all the equipment connected to the network, the wiring, as well as the router itself. You can help us solve certain problems.