PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Everything We Know So Far

Although everything seemed confirmed for months, it has not been until this week when the PS5 logo has been confirmed. The new Sony PlayStation 5 is on its way and follows the philosophy of the successful PS4. In fact, at the logo level, only the number changes and everything will remain exactly the same. In front you will have the new Microsoft console. In the middle of December it was confirmed that it will be called Xbox Series X, in addition to a series of technical features. Although there is still much to be revealed, especially at the component level, this is all we know so far of the new consoles: PS5 vs Xbox Series X.

Sony decided not to teach the new PS5 during the celebration of CES 2020 , but it has given us some clues about the new console. Among them, the confirmation that we will have Blu-Ray 4K discs, support for HDR, SSD to improve the load, support for 8K, graphics card and AMD processor, support for hardware-based Ray-tracing, 3D surround sound or triggers with vibration in the remote

From the Microsoft machine we know something else. In fact, we’ve even seen the new Xbox Series X with a design that looks more like a tower PC. This supports 4K graphics at 60 fps and even speaks of 8K. We have AMD custom processor, GDDR6 memory, hardware ray tracing, game loading SSD, company-owned Microsoft Variable Rate Shading (VRS) technology or others such as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Dynamic Latency Input ( DLI).

Comparison PS5 vs Xbox Series X: everything we know

With what has been confirmed of the new consoles, these are the aspects that we can face at the moment:

The physical format is not going anywhere

Much had been speculated that the new consoles could bet on the cloud as the only alternative for games, but this is something that has been totally ruled out. Except for a specific version without a disc reader, as Microsoft has already tried, the two new consoles will keep the slot for reading optical discs.


In this case, both PS5 and Xbox Series X will have a Blu-Ray 4K reader, although at the moment nothing more has been revealed about it. In both cases, we can use it to read the games we buy (or leave us someone), but also to play the movies sold in this format.

Ray tracing by hardware, the technology that could not be missing

Another feature that both consoles will share is the Ray tracing by hardware. This will be thanks to the GPUs that will mount both machines and that are a very well kept secret. From graphics cards we know that, in the case of Xbox Series X, we will have 12 TFLOPS of power to smoothly move 4K games at 60 fps. This GPU, with internal name “Arcturus 12”, has GDDR6 memory.

In the case of PS5, we only know the issue of Ray tracing hardware support, but the issue of TFLOPS that will be able to offer the AMD GPU based on Radeon Navi is still a mystery. It will support 4K 60 fps game and 8K resolution . There are even those who have launched to confirm that it will be more powerful than Xbox Series X.

SSD for Faster Loading

In the absence of knowing more details to know the differences, what we have are similarities. Both consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, will mount solid-state drive (SSD) for a much faster loading of games. At the capacity level, we cannot expect less than 1TB in each of the models, since it is the base memory with which PS4 Pro and Xbox One X leave, so a lower capacity SSD would look like a “delay” despite to its advantages over traditional HDDs.


An equal but different command

The new Xbox Series X will have a command almost identical to that of Xbox One, but with some change. In this case, we highlight the incorporation of a directional pad based on the Xbox One Elite 2 controller in addition to a new share button very similar to the one found in the current PlayStation 4.

In the case of Sony, the command should arrive under the name of DualShock 5 . According to some interviews, the command would leave the traditional vibration motors aside to bet on a new haptic vibration. According to other leaks, the remote would even have a touch screen, although it is a rumor rated as false by some sources. What would improve is the battery of the new remote.

Backward compatibility and cloud game

Backward compatibility has become, for some time now, it is essential for players who do not want to have to buy the same game that they already have with a simple adaptation of content. Xbox Series X will be compatible with many of the games of previous generations, although not with all of them. In the case of PlayStation 5, it would arrive with backward compatibility with PS4.


As for the game in the cloud, both consoles will focus on empowering it. Sony will do the same with PlayStation Now, although we have already confirmed that it will not serve to say goodbye to the physical format. As for Microsoft, everything will be entrusted to Project xCloud that offers the possibility (currently) to play more than 50 Xbox games on other devices such as phones or tablets.

Availability and price

Both consoles will arrive at the end of 2020, waiting for their launch date to be placed before Christmas for more than obvious reasons. There is also no price confirmation beyond the rumors. About Xbox Series X, 499 euros are aimed at its launch price, always at the expense of making packs with games. In relation to PS5, it is also expected that it can be placed in that price range, although at first the information placed the price well above. What does not seem is that we will find many price differences between consoles.