List of the Netflix Error Codes: and Solutions

Netflix has millions of users worldwide and thousands of episodes or movies that we can watch from all the devices we have at home. It is full of options and advantages although, of course, it is not a perfect platform and also has failures. If you are logged in to the service and cannot see what you want, you may have seen some of the most frequent Netflix error codes and do not know what it means or what could have happened. Here we will explain what these error codes are, why they appear, how to avoid them or how to solve them.

We almost always turn to Netflix when we don’t know what to see thanks to a comfortable interface, the possibility of watching the series and movies on almost any device or the possibility of downloading series on PC or mobile phones to watch them offline. A service full of advantages and options that make it one of the most complete. But it is far from perfect and we usually find some error on Netflix frequently. If you want to avoid these mistakes or know what has happened, we explain their meaning.

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Error codes

Most Netflix error codes are solved quickly and have no complications. Usually, the most frequent fault codes are due to connection problems between the device and the network (internet is not working properly), software update problems (you do not have the browser or mobile updated) or compatibility problems in the application

There are some global solutions that you should try, whatever the error code:

  • Check the Internet connection on the device you are using
  • See if your router is working properly
  • Check that the application is updated to its latest version
  • Make sure the device you use is compatible with Netflix
  • Sign out of your profile and sign in again
  • Update your mobile or your computer if you have not already done so
  • Disable the VPN you are using to check if it is the problem
  • Check if there are too many users watching Netflix
  • Make sure there are not too many downloads done already

UKNWN error

The Netflix UKNWN error code is one of the most frequent and is usually accompanied by a message that says “You cannot access these titles at this time. Try again later”. This message appears because the information on the device must be updated so it will be enough for you to log out and log in again to make it work properly.

Error 1004

If you see this error appear, the platform has not yet found the solution for it. To try to solve it, contact the customer service of the streaming platform and they will give you more information on what to do.

Error 1003

In the case of error 1003 it will be indicated with a message “ It is not possible to play the movie. Try again later”. It can appear on any device where you use the official application and will be displayed when the app is not updated. Depending on the device, make sure that the mobile or tablet are up to date and that the official Netflix application you have installed is the latest version available.

Error TVP-801

This failure is due to a problem in the network connection when accessing Netflix. It can happen on your Smart TV or other devices. To solve it, in case you have the problem on television, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Log in
  • Check the available errors
  • Use streaming again later
  • Contact customer service in case there are no errors


Computer errors

Error NW-2-5

A problem in the network prevents the series or movie from playing correctly. If you see the error code NW-2-5, it is because the device with which you are playing Netflix has had a connection problem with the home network. Perhaps it has been a rapid fall and in a few seconds it returns to normal but you can check the Internet connection to see what has happened, restart the router or restart the device to make it work again.

Error 07363-1260-00000048

If you use Opera as a browser, this code will appear if you are using a version that is not compatible . Check and update to stop passing.

Error H7353

This error is displayed in case of information saved on the computer that needs updating. Check if you have any pending Windows updates, restart the Netflix application you are using or restart your computer.

Error M7111-1331-2206

This problem has to do with markers. If you use a bookmark to visit Netflix , you may have found this bug. Avoid accessing the shortcut from the bookmarks bar and simply go to to watch the series or movie you want. If you solve it, update the URL of the bookmark you have.

Error M7111-1331-5067

If you are seeing something on your computer, you may have seen the error M7083-2107 that has to do with a problem in a Google Chrome browser extension. Some extension that you have installed is causing you to not be able to watch the series or movie you want so go deactivating until you find which one is to blame. When you stop using it, you can re-activate or install it.

Error M7121-1331-P7

Not all browsers support video playback on Netflix. If you see this error, it will be a compatibility issue with the browser you are using. You can easily watch movies or series on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer or Opera, but if you are using a less common one, you may see this bug on the streaming platform. Just change your browser.

Error W8226

This bug appears if you are watching a series or movie from a computer with Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. It is due to a bug in the software so check the configuration to try to fix it or change the device.

Error F7353

If you are going to watch Netflix from Mozilla Firefox and find this error on the screen, it warns you that you are using an old version of the browser and that you must update it to be able to enjoy the streaming page without any problem.

Error UI3012

This error accompanies the message “Oh, oh, something has failed… Unexpected error. Unexpected error has ocurred. Reload the page and try again. ” It will simply be a connection problem from your computer that will be solved by connecting to the WiFi signal again or checking that your Internet connection has not been dropped in the last minutes.

Error F / 121-1331

This error appears when the information stored in your browser must be updated. You will see it if you are using Mozilla Firefox in a version that is not the last one and just download the latest version to fix it. Or, change your browser to see the series or movie you want.

Errors in mobile phones and tablets

Error -14

“Could not connect to the streaming service server. Try again later. ” Check your WiFi connection on your smartphone or tablet and verify that the router is working properly as it will be a network problem.

Error 13000

This bug will be displayed if the Android application is not updated . You just have to go to the Google Play Store, search for the specific app and update. Once you have the latest version, it will work correctly again.

Error 13018

Error code 13018 appears on mobile phones and tablets and indicates that the device has an Internet connection problem . It is specific in mobile devices and to solve it you can restart the router, check your Wi-Fi signal or restart your mobile or tablet. You can also restore the default connection settings or try connecting to the home network again to try.

Error NQM.508

If you are trying to download something on your Android smartphone or tablet and you see this error, it is because there has been a failure to download the title. According to the help website of the streaming platform, there is a communication problem between the device and the application. Simply give the option “Retry” in the download and thus get the process to start again. It will usually be solved without problems.

Error 0041

This bug will appear with connection problems on Android phones or tablets or when the stored information must be updated. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to apps
  • Choose Netflix
  • Delete the application data

If this does not work, restart your device or restart your WiFi connection to improve the signal. If none of these options solve the problem, try a different Internet connection or restore the default connection settings.

Error -158

When you are trying to download something on your Android phone or tablet, you may see the error -158 accompanied by the message: The download function is not supported. You will have to use a different device to download series and movies. As the message itself indicates, your Android phone or tablet may not be compatible with this function because it does not meet the basic requirements for it.

To download chapters on Android you will need a phone or tablet with a version equal to or greater than Android 4.4.2 and the latest version of the application.

Error NQL.22007

You cannot download as many series and movies as you want but there is an annual limit. If you receive the Error Code NQL.22007 on your Android phone or tablet, it will be accompanied by the message “Download limit. You have reached the annual download limit for this video ”You can select another series or movie but that one, in particular, has already reached its limit. Choose another compatible series or movie since this error has no solution except wait for the following year to be able to have it available offline again.

DLS Error 103

You will see this bug on the platform if you are using a VPN, a proxy service or any unlock service. Next to the fault, you will see the message “A proxy or unlocker has been detected. You will have to disable these services and try to download the content again. ” Disable the VPN and you can download the content.

Error NQL.23000

This error in Android will show you that you have already downloaded many chapters or series on too many devices and have reached the limit. You can only use 1.2 or 4 devices (according to the contracted plan) to view offline content. If you see this bug, simply delete content downloaded from other devices and you can connect again, log in and download series and movies.

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Error 145

This bug will appear on Apple TV accompanied by a message that says “Another movie is already playing.” If you share with another user or family member and see this message is that all the sessions that your plan allows are already started . Ask another person to turn off streaming on other devices and it will work.

Error 119

In this case, the Netflix error is accompanied by “Log back into Netflix. If the problem continues, visit the Netflix website. ” You will find a problem with the information stored in the device but error 119 usually only appears on Apple devices such as an iPhone, an iPad or on Apple TV. To fix it, log out and log back in and it will work again without problems.

Error 10000

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can see the Error 10000 which normally indicates that there is information that needs to be updated or a connection problem. Simply log out of Netflix, log back in and it will work.

If you have a proxy or VPN installed, disable it.