Audio Test Kitchen: Test Up to 300 Microphones Online Before Buying

Buying a microphone is not a simple task and getting carried away by the first opinion you can find online is not a good idea either. So, in addition to advising you to be patient in the election, let us show you a website where you can find and compare a wide variety of microphones .

Audio Test Kitchen, up to 300 microphones to compare


Choosing your first microphone is not easy. It does not matter if you want to start in the world of podcasting , record your covers or any other use you want to give, choosing micro is something to do calmly. Mainly if you do not want to repent and have the feeling of having thrown the money.

Audio Test Kitchen is a website that allows you to listen to audio recordings with up to 300 different microphones, thus being able to have a closer idea of the final quality they can offer. The latter, its final quality, will also depend on some aspects such as having a room properly prepared to avoid problems such as rebounds that generate reverberations, etc.

Returning to the web, this allows you to select several micros to compare and check for possible differences. Of course, it is recommended that you use good headphones to detect those small nuances and differences between them.

In addition, and this is something very striking for some, you will not only be able to listen to microphones of about 200 euros, which is more or less the usual thing that is usually invested, also of others of more than 2,000 euros.

If, beyond podcasting, you plan to use the microphone for musical productions, it also offers an interesting option that allows you to listen to the recording of the instruments in a group or independent way. This is how you value if, for example, the capture you make of a piano, electric or vocal guitar is what you are looking for.

Here you can access Audio Test Kitchen and try for yourself everything it offers.

YouTube is not always a good option to search for a microphone

In addition to the tips and recommendations that you can find on different websites, one of the usual places that are usually used when searching for information about audio and video devices is YouTube. And it is normal, the platform par excellence for sharing audiovisual content is full of videos where virtually any device is talked about.

The only problem is that YouTube performs a conversion of the original file that is uploaded, so the final result may be affected. In addition, as we said at the beginning, many samples are conditioned by things like the room or place of recording of the content creator, etc.

Therefore, this website can be very useful. In addition, online stores like Thomman also offer small fragments of recording with the microphones they sell there.

Although if you want a personal recommendation on a channel where you can find a wide variety of microphones analysis and tests, visit Podcastage . It is in English, but it is not difficult to follow, although you can also use the subtitles that YouTube generates automatically. And by the way you have other audio devices that if you are passionate about the subject, surely you like them.