PS5 Turns on with the TV Accidentally: How to Turn it Off?

One of the advantages of HDMI connections is that we can take control of the other device connected to the other end, so with a single remote we will be able to control almost all of our multimedia setup. The problem is that this function could turn on devices at times when we do not need them, and it is just what could happen to you with your PS5.

PS5 always turns on with TV

PS5 always turns on with TV

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a brand new PS5 at home, you have probably run into the following problem. You have turned on your Smart TV to watch Netflix or browse YouTube, and the PS5 has automatically turned on when precisely you were not going to play the console at that moment. Why is this happening?

The HDMI-CEC standard

HDMI tipos

Like many other devices with an HDMI port on the market, the PS5 incorporates the HDMI-CEC standard to allow you to take control and communicate with other connected devices through the audio and video cable. The idea is that thanks to this standard we can automate many of the tasks, so that when the console is turned on the TV automatically turns on and we can start playing immediately.

But this is somewhat annoying when we have the console connected directly to the television and not through an AV amplifier. The problem appears when we turn on the television to watch DTT or any of the applications of the Smart TV platform that you have at home, since at that moment, the PS5 will receive the power on order and will turn on at the same time as the television.

This will cause the console to be turned on unnecessarily, so it will be something that many users want to solve, and it is just what we are going to explain to deactivate today.

Disable the link of the HDMI device


The secret of this function is hidden in the option “Activate link of the HDMI device”, an option that you will find in Settings> System> HDMI , and that at the moment you deactivate it will eliminate any type of interaction with your television or other device that you have connected by HDMI.

This will avoid the problem of spontaneous turning on your console every time you turn on the TV, but you will also lose the opposite effect, so you will have to turn on the TV manually each time you want to play. First world problems.

What is the best possible configuration?

Receptor AV

One of the options to take into account to enjoy an automatic ignition without the problems of unwanted ignitions is to use an AV receiver that distributes all the signals. When using a receiver, orderly auto power on the PS5 will turn on the TV and the receiver at the same time, while turning on the TV will only turn on the receiver, not the PS5.

Obviously it is a quite expensive solution that is only intended for those who have a more advanced configuration with several HDMI devices that need to be connected to an audio amplifier, but it is certainly the most orderly and efficient proposal that you could have in order to enjoy. of a 100% connected system.