Update Fortnite on Switch Now if You Want to Have Better Graphics

Update Fortnite on Switch Now if You Want to Have Better Graphics

With absolute surprise yesterday we left a new Fortnite update for Nintendo Switch that brought beyond the arrival of velociraptors in Season 6 . The new patch has incorporated some graphic improvements and optimization settings that allow you to enjoy better graphics on the Nintendo laptop, achieving quite striking results.

Can I improve Fortnite’s graphics on Switch?

Fortnite Season 6

It is very likely that, if you play Fortnite both on a new generation console and on a Nintendo Switch at times when you need portability, you will notice with a lot of evidence the graphical difference that exists between the Nintendo console and the large ones on the market. It is an obvious question that is limited to the technical specifications of the convertible console, however, it seems that Epic Games still had to review the code to achieve better results.

According to the official press release, the new update will improve the renderer on Nintendo Switch, so that the console’s GPU can be used better.

Fortnite with more resolution

The result is an increase in resolution in the game, being able to obtain more detail in both portable and desktop modes. According to official figures, the resolution passes to the following values:

  • Portable mode: Go from 1,000 x 560 pixels to 1,170 x 660 pixels
  • Desktop mode: Go from 1,390 x 780 pixels to 1,560 x 880 pixels

So that you understand the changes that occur with this increase in resolution, Epic has shared a couple of screenshots so you can see to what extent drawing from a distance is benefited by the increase in resolution. As you can see below, cropping the image allows you to appreciate more detail of the trees, so the full screen image looks much more striking than before.

As if that were not enough, the dynamic resolution benefits from these changes, and although the game will continue to adapt the resolution to ensure that the image appears fluid and without jumps, the general resolution that we will have on average will be higher than what we received so far .

Much more than resolution

Fortnite Season 6

Best of all, in addition to being able to enjoy a more detailed and crisp view, the overall performance of the game has also improved, since now we will enjoy a constant frame rate “with less jerks” which means that there will continue to be drops of frames, but much less noticeable than before. And finally, with the idea of ​​making the game somewhat lighter, the developers have managed to free up 140 MB of storage space with the new update, so that Switch players will now have a little extra space to allocate to other games or other content.

To get this new version you will only have to have the game updated to the latest version, since the download is available from March 30.