Best Smart Ropes to Jump Rope: Models and Prices

For a few years now, it seems that the mentality of many people has changed and they care much more about their health. Every time it is easier to see someone who either at home, on the street or even when they go on a trip does sports. One of the “easiest” ways to do it is, throwing a bit of the old-fashioned workouts , is to jump rope. But why don’t we introduce that little bit more tech to it? Today we bring you a compilation with some of the best smart ropes on the market to play sports anywhere.

How to choose the best smart rope

Best Smart Ropes to Jump Rope
Jumping rope is a fairly complete sport and, in addition, it brings us many benefits in our day to day life . Perhaps it would not serve us as a unique and exclusive training but, yes, a jump rope session can be equivalent to a running session among many other contributions to our body:

  • Strengthens, above all, the muscles of the lower body. A part that many forget to train.
  • Jumping rope improves circulation in our body as it is a cardiovascular workout.
  • Referring to the previous section, for people who work for many hours sitting down, it would be ideal to introduce training sessions with rope to avoid swelling of the ankles, feet or general pain in the lower extremities.
  • As it is a fairly compact tool, we have the possibility of taking it anywhere in the suitcase or bag. Therefore, as we said before, there is no longer an excuse to play sports wherever we are.

These are, among many others, the benefits that including rope training sessions in our lives can bring us. But of course, if you are in this article it is for surely you have that geek point and enjoy the IoT of things .

But of course, by now you may be wondering what an intelligent rope can give you to use a rope of a lifetime. Well, smart ropes or ropes incorporate certain very interesting features for both professionals and amateur users:

  • They keep track of the number of spins we do per training session.
  • Like any other smart device dedicated to sport, it also records an estimate of the number of calories burned, activity progress and training time.
  • All these data, obviously, are sent to the smartphone and these are recorded (normally) in a specific application for each model of smart ropes. Most models are compatible with Android or iOS phones .
  • Some models incorporate led lights on the rope itself so that, when turning, we see an image or counter of physical activity.
  • Others, for example, within their app offer us different training modes and challenges that will lead us to improve our exercise sessions.

Best smart ropes

If all this seems interesting to you, below we have made a compilation with some of the most interesting models of smart ropes that you will be able to buy on Amazon. If it is true that it is a market that is emerging now, therefore, there is not an immense catalog either, but there are several very interesting models.

Morpilot smart jump rope

The first and cheapest model in this collection is from the Morpilot company. It is a smart jump rope that has a small screen that will indicate the sport mode we are in of its 3 different ones, along with the number of loops we have and the time of the session.

Of course, this will be linked to the phone via Bluetooth and will allow us to keep track of the number of jumps per training, calories burned and physical progress. A rope with a maximum length of 300 cm that we can easily adjust and that also has an internal battery that will last for a maximum of 30 days of use.

Yunmai Smart Skipping Rope

Now we go with a model from the Yunmai company, one of Xiaomi‘s subsidiaries. It is a device that can be synchronized directly with our smartphone, allowing us to know precisely all the data of our sports sessions. Within its own application it has, in addition to all the registration data, different modes and jumping training to adapt them to our needs.

The Yunmai rope is made of high-strength PU plastic, with a steel cable on the inside to reinforce and improve use, and it weighs only 140 grams. The autonomy of this equipment is 150 days according to the manufacturer.

One aspect that some users of this model have criticized is that it does not synchronize with their phone. As with other Xiaomi related devices, it may be due to a problem with the region that we choose when creating the account in the app. Our recommendation is that you use the Spanish language but, in the region, select China. In any case, if you find any type of problem with this model, you can always contact the manufacturer for any questions.

Jump rope by WELL

Another interesting model within the economic options is the Jump Rope from WELL . This smart rope has its own application that includes functional training systems with it, greatly improving the possibilities of use with a large number of different routines. This model includes a double bearing system and, in addition, different weights to adapt it from amateur to more professional use. Its weight is 560 grams and autonomy is 30 days according to the manufacturer.

RENPHO smart jump rope

The manufacturer RENPHO also has its version of smart rope for sports lovers. A very light model that includes a small screen on one of its handles to be able to control the number of turns that we have in that training. But, if we want to know more data we can go directly to the app with which it is compatible. Here we can check the number of laps, the calories burned and the progress of our activity over time. In this application we can switch between 3 different training modes: free jump, time countdown and number countdown, that is, the number of spins set.

It is a steel rope of 3 meters in length that we can adjust to our needs and that, in addition, is covered with PVC plastic to increase its durability.

Tangram Smart Jump

Now we go with the first model of the manufacturer Tangram, which currently has the largest number of devices of this type in its catalog. This in particular is the Rockie model, an intelligent rope available in different colors and that, in addition, we will have the possibility of adjusting to our needs.

It can be synchronized directly with our phone and smart watch. From here we can consult the sports session that we are doing at that moment or access different pre-established workouts, in addition to controlling our progress over time or seeing our position in a ranking of the different users who use the ropes of this company. The only “drawback” that we could put to this model is that its autonomy goes by batteries that we will have to change every 6 months approximately.

Tangram Factory Smart Rope PURE

Another very interesting Tangram model and better than the previous one is the Factory Pure . It is a rope that will connect via Bluetooth like the previous one and will record the different jumping sessions on our phone. But, as an addition, in this case we can store up to 100 different sessions and, in addition, this model incorporates a battery that will last about 45 hours of active exercise according to the manufacturer.

Tangram Factory Smart Rope

Finally, there is the most advanced Tangram model , this being also the most expensive of all the ones we have seen so far. As an addition to everything mentioned in the other models of this manufacturer, in this case it will be available in 3 different colors and, in addition, it will incorporate 23 LEDs along the entire rope. Lights that will shine to allow us to use this rope in any situation and at any time. Its battery can reach 30 days of use according to this manufacturer, less than the previous one due to the use of these LEDs.