PS5 Problems With Your DualSense: Does Drifting Exist?

After many complaints on the networks, it seems that someone has decided to take the general criticism to court. And it is that the drifting problems that many users are suffering in their DualSense controls , have led the lawyers of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP to file a lawsuit against Sony for the problems caused.

What is Drifting?

PS5 Problems With Your DualSense

Do you know that feeling of playing a game with a gamepad and seeing how your character moves while you do nothing? Well, you have possibly suffered from drifting with your command. This is a malfunction that in some products could appear due to heavy use, and in the case of gaming gamepads, it is very commonly repeated on analog sticks.

Either by moving them abruptly or by the passage of time, some controls may present phantom or involuntary movements produced by the loss of sensitivity of the analog sticks , and of course, this can be understood in controls that have hundreds and hundreds of games at their disposal backs, but not from a peripheral that is little more than 2 months old.

Does DualSense suffer from drifting?

DualSense PS5

That is exactly what the lawyers of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP have been asking many users affected by the alleged problem, posting on their official website a questionnaire in which all those affected should share their impressions and their personal case .

Well, apparently they must have received countless requests and testimonies, since the firm has decided to go further and has already filed a class action lawsuit against Sony.

According to the documentation, they state that “the DualSense controller is defective, and that drifting significantly interferes with the game, compromising the main functionality of the DualSense controller.” The lawsuit document, which you can read at the link below, has a large number of testimonials, as well as screenshots from Reddit and other forums where the frustration of a large number of users is reproduced.

What answer does Sony give?

At the moment the brand is simply inviting users to make use of the warranty if they deem it appropriate, something that translates into the obligation to pay shipping costs and wait indefinitely for the company to return the controller. This obviously prevents users from being able to continue playing with their console due to the lack of another controller, so the situation is not being especially comfortable on the user’s side.

A family case

Dualsense vs Dualshock 4

The worst thing about it is that this is nothing new for Sony. With the DualShock 4 something similar was already happening, and that is where the lawsuit contributes its main attack, ensuring that Sony, being aware of these problems, has done nothing to guarantee the proper functioning of the new controller. Reality? Sony could save itself from that accusation, since DualSense is a gigantic change from the DualShock 4, so it could see a way not to relate the drifting history it already had.