Problems with the Mobile Keyboard on Android: Solutions

With the arrival of virtual keyboards and with the definitive elimination of the keys (Blackberry tried to the end) other types of problems arose in our mobiles. As it is a piece of software, there are many elements that can interfere with its proper functioning, including other applications. For this reason, we are going to see the most common problems that arise with the keyboard of Android mobiles, and how to solve them.

As we say, the keyboard of our device can be affected by many factors that prevent its correct operation . Among the most common problems, users face keyboards that disappear, that are too slow to type fluently, or that do not display the proper language to be able to type correctly.

We are talking about some disadvantages of virtual keyboards. But they also have their advantages, since we can assure that there is a 100% chance of being able to solve the problem, while a broken physical keyboard had to be replaced by a specialized technician. Therefore, we are going to review the main problems with the keyboard on Android phones and how to solve them.

samsung teclado

The mobile keyboard has disappeared

We begin with one of the most “serious” problems, at least in terms of usability, since we will not be able to have the keyboard in any application. Generally, when we want to write and click on the corresponding box, the keyboard appears automatically. In this case it is not like that, and no matter how much we press we are not able to make it appear.

Restart the mobile

It is the first and fastest step in trying to solve the problem. It is also one of the most successful solutions. Any operating problem or conflict in an app can be solved with a simple reboot of the system. To do this we hold down the power key and touch restart. When we start the system again, we click on an app that requires the keyboard and we try again.

Clear keyboard cache and data

This measure allows you to erase and restore the keyboard data , to use it again as the first day. If a file has been corrupted or a specific parameter changed, this will fix the problem and the keyboard will reappear.

To do so, the first thing to do will be to locate the keyboard we have, since we can have several, including some of the best known such as the Google keyboard, Microsoft‘s Swifkey or one of the system itself. We can do this in Settings / Language and text input.

datos y cache del teclado

Once we have located what our keyboard is, we go to Settings / Applications and click on it. Then click on Storage and delete both the data and the cache. The last step is to restart the mobile and check that it works correctly again

Start in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is one of the best tools to check problems, inherited in our Android phones from the first versions of Windows on PC. The objective is to confirm or rule out that any app is interfering with the correct functioning of the keyboard, either at the level of permissions, or entering into conflict and preventing the keyboard from appearing. In addition, in the worst case it may be the result of some malware recently installed on our mobile.

modo seguro android

We can start safe mode by holding down the shutdown button and tapping “OK” when restart to Safe Mode appears. The goal is to search through the installed apps, from newest to oldest, that may be causing the keyboard problem. Then we will uninstall one by one and restart later to check if the problem has disappeared . We must repeat the process until we can download the apps suspected of causing the failure.

Allows automatic keyboard startup

The reason why the keyboard does not appear may also be related to a permission issue . One of the most important that you must accept is the automatic start of our keyboard. If, for whatever reason, the box is not checked, the keyboard will not be able to start automatically when the system restarts when apps are removed in the background. This will undoubtedly be the reason why it does not appear. We can find this option in Settings / Apps / Automatic Start. We can also search for “Home” in the search box to access directly if the route is different.

arranque automático del teclado

Review pending updates

It is surprising how many times a system update or patch fixes keyboard problems. Therefore, if none of the above has worked, it may be time to check that we have no pending updates. We can do it from Settings / System / System updates. If so, we will have to apply all updates and try again. In addition, it is convenient to go to Google Play and click on “My Applications” and then on “Update All”. If our keyboard app is one of the most recognized and has a pending update, an update of the app itself may solve it and make the keyboard reappear.

A reset if nothing works

This method will erase all data, files, applications, and system settings. It goes without saying that first we will have to put our data safe is a must before doing this step. Then we go to Settings / System / Reset System and wait for the process to finish. When the system reboots, the keyboard will appear safe and we will be able to operate normally again.

restablecer ajustes movil

The mobile keyboard has lag or is very slow

This is another of the most common problems with the keyboard. Typing becomes too slow, we go much faster than key dialing . It may also take time for the keyboard to appear, it may seem not to respond to our keystroke, and then all the letters appear at once. This situation is almost more frustrating than the previous one, but luckily there are a good handful of solutions in this regard.

Close the apps in the background and restart the mobile

This is the first step. Currently, mobile phones practically never turn off or restart frequently, although it is a practice recommended by manufacturers. There are applications that consume too much memory, so that the keyboard cannot use enough memory to work smoothly. In this case, we must close all the apps in the background and restart the device. After doing so and if it has been a long time since we rebooted the system, it is likely that we will notice a substantial improvement in its performance.

cerrar apps oppo

Remove sounds and vibrations

In order to improve the performance of the keyboard, it is best to disable everything that is not essential , including sounds and vibrations that can cause lag and lag. In this case we must take into account the following settings, and test again if the keyboard is no longer slow, once done.

  • System settings : within Settings / Sounds in the system options, we must deactivate the option that directly affect the keyboard.
  • Keyboard settings : once again within the settings of our own keyboard, within Settings / Text input, we must deactivate all the keyboard sound and vibration options.

ajustes sonido teclado

Disable energy savings and optimizers

When using system optimization applications or the mobile’s own energy savings, it is possible that the performance optimization itself does not allow the keyboard to perform at its maximum performance . In this case, we must end these processes, that is, deactivate energy saving and, if necessary, delete the optimization app. Later we will check if the keyboard already works fast enough.

Free up memory

It is known that when our mobile phone is draining the last mega of space available in internal memory, performance problems will not take long to appear and the keyboard will be one of those affected. Therefore, we must go to Settings / Storage and use the internal memory cleaner in order to recover some space.

We must also eliminate all applications, photos or videos that we do not need. If necessary, an application like Files by Google, pre-installed on some mobiles, will also allow us to erase a lot of accumulated “junk” including residual files and cache. After doing so the keyboard performance should improve.

liberar memoria

The problem may be your mobile

With this problem, we mean that many entry-level terminals do not have enough memory to use certain keyboards, regardless of the one that integrates the system. If it is a hardware limitation, there is not much that can be done. If we close the application (by changing keyboards or manually stopping), it will force reload and free memory, but the initial load will be slow and problems will reappear.

Download an alternative keyboard

If all else fails and the keyboard is still slow , it’s best to try an alternate keyboard . There are dozens of popular keyboards on Google Play, which enjoy good popularity and ratings. Some have lighter “Lite” versions to solve the previous problem, in terminals that have my own performance problems with which keyboards.

teclados android

The keyboard has been switched to another language

There is no use having a keyboard that works fluently, if it is in another language. This will cause the autocorrect not to work correctly even the suggested words will be in another language. In the worst case, we could find ourselves with a keyboard in a language whose characters are indecipherable to us. We can also fix the mess easily through two key settings, which may have been modified by interaction with an app.

cambiar idioma en android

  • Change the language at the system level : within Settings / Language and text input, we must make sure that the system has the language we want to use selected. If not, click on the one that corresponds and change it.
  • Change the keyboard language : without exiting Language and text input, we will click on the keyboard and in the same way we will choose the one we want to keep as the main language of the keyboard.

Fix problems with the Google keyboard

Today there are many terminals that make use of the Google keyboard as the main writing application, including of course mobile phones with Android One, and the layers that do not have their own development. For this reason, take a look at two of your most common problems and the corresponding solutions.

gboard logo

Make the Gboard reappear

  • Either because we have tried another keyboard or because a change has occurred for no apparent reason, we can perform a r estauration again so that the Google keyboard appears again by default.
  • In the app, we open any app with which we can write
  • We touch the area to enter text
  • At the bottom of the keyboard we hold down the globe icon
  • Now we select Gboard

Add Gboard back to keyboard list

An update or the installation of another app can make this keyboard disappear from the keyboard list . To add it again we will have to follow a few simple steps.

  • We enter Settings
  • We tap on System / Languages and text input
  • We touch on Virtual keyboard / Manage keyboards
  • We activate Gboard and go to an app with writing to test that it works

Connect a physical keyboard to the mobile: alternative emergency solution

We hope that with all the above, the mobile keyboard has reappeared. But if for some reason this has not been the case, we will have the option of connecting a physical keyboard to our mobile or even a Bluetooth keyboard. These are emergency methods, in case we need to write something on our mobile and we have not been able to make the keyboard appear. It must be taken into account that these solutions require some elements external to our mobile, so some users will not be able to carry it out, at least urgently.

teclado fisico al movil

Using a physical USB keyboard

If we rummage through the large number of cables and accessories that we have at home, it is possible that an OTG adapter appears, whatever the format (direct, with cable, in the form of a HUB). If we have one, we may be saved. The solution is to connect the accessory to the microUSB or USB-C port of our mobile and at the other end we will connect the physical USB keyboard. If our mobile is compatible with both options, we can type with this keyboard without any problem while we fix the problem. If we don’t have any, there are many available on Amazon that can reach our hands quickly.

teclado al móvil

Using a Bluetooth keyboard

This method also usually works, but it still requires that we have a Bluetooth keyboard on hand. However, unlike the previous option, it is less precise since it does not replace the default keyboard application, but it does stop some of its functions, so it could be an equally valid solution. If we have one of these keyboards, we must link it via Bluetooth and test if the writing occurs in any application.