Protect your privacy Using this famous VPN

Having a VPN service is something very interesting to connect to public Wi-Fi networks, hide the real IP. We have many options available and one of them is Proton VPN. But in this article we echo a novelty that they have incorporated. It will be easier for everyone to use their services and be able to improve privacy when browsing the net. You will see that using it on your PC will be easier.

Proton VPN now has a browser extension

Protect your privacy Using this famous VPN

When using a VPN we can have several options: install a program on the computer or mobile and also install an extension in browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Without going into which is better or which offers more options, they are alternatives that you can use whenever you want.

Until now Proton VPN did not have a browser extension. It was something demanded by many and now it will be available. It has released a plugin for browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Edge. It is not available for Safari, but it is available in some of the most popular ones like the ones we have mentioned.

Its operation is very simple, so it will make it easier for many users to access the Internet in an encrypted way . It works in a similar way to other VPN extensions that we can find for these browsers. Therefore, you will only have to install it in a compatible browser and start using it.

It is especially a good option for less expert users or those who do not need many functions and features. Keep in mind that it has certain limitations regarding the application, such as that it only supports connection through HTTPS and not through protocols such as WireGuard or Stealth.

Proton VPN

What is a VPN extension useful for?

You may be wondering if it is really interesting to use a VPN extension in your browser . The truth is that you can find different uses. Especially if you are a person who connects a lot away from home, travels to other countries or uses Internet services that may be limited in certain places, it is a good solution.

Another utility is to be able to choose more easily which server to connect to . You can try several until you find the one that works best in your location or select just a location that you need to enter a page or use an application.

In short, as you can see, Proton VPN has already launched its VPN service for browser extensions. You can try it easily. Just as there are many open source VPN services out there, you will also find browser alternatives. The important thing is always that you download only reliable options and do not have security problems.