The NSA recommendation so that nobody hacks your WiFi

Protecting the Wi-Fi network is an important task to achieve good Internet speed, without interruptions and with good stability. Hackers could use different techniques to try to break your network security, but you can take certain steps to avoid this. In this article we echo the recommendations that have been launched by the NSA so that you can increase the protection of your Wi-Fi router.

NSA recommendations to protect the Wi-Fi network

The NSA recommendation so that nobody hacks your WiFi

In order to avoid connection problems, something essential is to have the router well protected . This will help you to prevent your Wi-Fi network from being hacked and cybercriminals from having access to your devices. But it is common to make mistakes and that is exposed to us on the network. For this reason, from the NSA they launch these useful recommendations.

Use WPA-3 or WPA-2 encryption

The first tip is to use current, strong encryption such as WPA-3 and WPA-2 . No matter what password you use for Wi-Fi, it matters a lot which encryption you use. If you have old, outdated encryption configured, such as WPA or WEP, an attacker with the right knowledge could get into your network without you even knowing it.

Therefore, change the encryption type in case you have an old one. Most commonly you will use WPA-2, as WPA-3 is still not supported by many routers and devices. Avoid using any of the old ones.

Router con cifrado WPA3

Install the latest router updates

You must also have the router correctly updated . This is important to correct many security problems that may affect you in your day to day. For example, they could exploit a bug to crack your Wi-Fi password. We have seen many cases where some router models have been compromised.

Some models update automatically every time they detect a new firmware version. Others, on the other hand, you will have to update manually. To solve common problems in the router, something that cannot be missing is to have everything well updated.

Schedule weekly reboots

Rebooting the router can help solve some usability problems, but also even security ones. As indicated by the NSA, this is very useful to minimize the risk of non-persistent malicious code. It therefore helps to avoid threats that could expose the security of the router.

You can simply turn the router off and on manually. Of course, to restart it correctly you must keep it off for at least 20 seconds. But also, in some models, you will be able to program them to restart automatically.

Use strong passwords

This recommendation is common for all types of devices and records on the Internet: use strong passwords . It is the main barrier to prevent intruders in networks and online accounts. It is important that it is unique, that it has letters (both upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.

The NSA recommends using a strong password for Wi-Fi, but also to access the router. Both passwords will avoid security problems that may affect you.

In short, these are the main recommendations that have been launched by the NSA to protect Wi-Fi and avoid problems. This will help you not only to improve privacy, but also to make the wireless network work better and not have any type of cuts.