This improves your security if you use Dropbox without paying

Using the cloud is becoming more common and services like Dropbox are widely used. But beyond being able to host content, in many cases they also have additional functions and features. In this article we talk about the password manager that comes with Dropbox . Until now it was limited to users who did not pay any subscription, but that is now over. We will tell you what is new and why it is a good measure for your safety .

Dropbox removes the limit to store passwords

improves your security if you use Dropbox without paying

A few years ago Dropbox launched its own password manager service. This is very useful for managing access keys securely. It helps us create really strong passwords and not have to memorize them all. The problem is that, in the free version, you were limited to 50 passwords per user . Of course, keep in mind that we have more and more online platforms and services, so they may fall short.

You have now decided to remove this limitation . Users who have the free subscription will be able to store more than 50 passwords in Dropbox without problems. That limit was nothing more than a strategy to attract more subscribers, but they have finally decided to remove it, which is really good for everyone’s safety.

Also, another limit they had was the number of devices you could sync. This limit was marked by three teams. At the moment, despite the fact that it is something that many expect to be removed sooner or later, it is still valid. Is it enough to be able to synchronize three devices? For many it will be more than correct, for others, on the other hand, they may want to add more.

Therefore, from now on you will be able to use the Dropbox password manager without the limit of 50 passwords for free users, although you will continue to have the limitation of a maximum of three synchronized devices. If you only use it on a computer, mobile and maybe Tablet, without problems.

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Why is it positive for security?

But is it really that important for security that they no longer have the 50 password limit for free Dropbox users ? The answer is yes. Think of all the records you have on the Internet, services and platforms that you use in your day to day. For example social networks, email, bank cards…

It is an error to have the same password for two Internet platforms. In the event that for some reason they manage to steal your password, for example a leak, a Phishing attack or whatever, the domino effect could occur and they end up entering other accounts where you use that same password.

This makes it important to create passwords that are unique and difficult to guess. But of course, that also entails the problem of memorizing them. That’s where a password manager, like Dropbox’s, comes into play. It even has an extension for browsers, so you can use it very easily.

In short, as you can see, Dropbox removes the restriction of a maximum of 50 passwords for its key manager. A positive measure that will improve the security of many users. It is always important to protect the accounts correctly, just as you can protect the card when buying or any device.