How to Protect Our Bank Accounts on the Internet

It is a reality that today we increasingly use the Internet for everyday things that other media required before. An example is everything related to payments, transfers or checking our bank accounts. We can easily buy online from home with a bank card or one of the many platforms that allow it. We can also take our phone and make a transfer or check if we have received a charge. Now, it is important to always keep all this safe. In this article we will explain how to protect our bank accounts .

How to protect our bank accounts on the Internet

Internet offers a wide range of possibilities. There are many platforms and services we have available. However, the risk of suffering some kind of attack that compromises our personal data and information is also present. Our teams can also see how the operation is affected by one of the many threats.


All this makes it necessary to take into account a number of factors to protect our systems and devices . But if we talk about bank accounts we must increase these measures. We are talking about services that may contain personal information and also put our money at risk or that supplant our identity.

Encrypt with strong and complex passwords

Of course something fundamental is to correctly encrypt our bank accounts. We talk about the PIN, the password to access the platform or any other password that we have to use to make transfers or payments, for example.

It is very important that this password is unique, strong and complex. It must contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. All this randomly and with a considerable length. We should not use words or digits that are easy to remember. It is interesting to use password managers to help us.

Use two-step authentication

As an additional complement we can also use two-step authentication . This is something that is increasingly present in the different platforms that we can use in the network. Basically it is that in order to access the account we will have to enter a second step that is usually a password received by SMS.

This protects us from possible intruders who come to find out our password . Even if they get the password they will need that second step that we mentioned in order to enter the account.

Install official software

It is also very important to install and use official software . It is true that sometimes we can use additional programs that may have add-ons that are interesting. However, this could pose a risk to our security and privacy.

Therefore our advice is to install only programs that are legitimate and make use of reliable platforms to download software. In this way we will not compromise our systems.

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Keep the equipment safe

This is another elementary point. When using our online bank accounts we can make use of computers or mobile devices. It is essential that these systems be completely free of threats. There are many types of malware that can compromise our systems on the Internet.

We must take precautions to prevent the entry of threats. A good antivirus is essential if we do not want problems on our computers that can compromise not only the proper functioning of them, but also our security and privacy.

Have the latest updates

It is equally important to have the equipment updated correctly. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that may jeopardize the proper functioning of our devices. It may happen that a hacker comes to take advantage of certain vulnerabilities that are present on the network.

It is the manufacturers and developers themselves who release patches and updates to correct those bugs. It is important that we always have the equipment with the latest versions and do not run unnecessary risks. This is something we must apply regardless of the type of device or operating system we are using.