Honor Phones: How to Force Upgrade to EMUI 10

EMUI 10 is one of the most anticipated updates for Honor mobiles. This customization layer is now based on Android 10 and has a lot of new features, including being able to activate a Dark Mode at the system level. But as usual, not all updates arrive at the same time, although we can always force it.

Despite all the problems with the United States, it is admiring Huawei’s work updating its main terminals and those of the Honor sub-brand. The company has achieved that both the main high-end mobiles and those of the entry range, can enjoy the novelties of EMUI 10 based on Android 10.


Why it is not updated

However, not all updates are released at the same time. It doesn’t matter if we have two equal Honor mobiles, since one may have received the notice and the other not, something that seems incomprehensible. Honor phones, like other brands, receive the batch update, as a security measure for possible errors that have to paralyze the launch of a new version.

How to force update

But if you are sure that your mobile has already received EMUI 10 and even a friend or relative has already received the notice to update and you have not, we can always try to force the update. There are two simple methods, which avoid having to wait for the automatic update notification available.

Using HiCare

The first option is to open the HiCare application, which is installed as standard on Honor phones. It is a service tool that offers a lot of information about the use of the device and tools to improve its performance. The way to force the update is to enter HiCare and go to the personal section and select the option “Check for Updates”.

HiCare Menu

If your Honor mobile is one of the compatible devices to upgrade EMUI 10 and has already begun to arrive in Spain, it is likely that with this method you can update your terminal. If for some reason you do not have HiCare installed, we leave you just below with the direct link to Google Play to download the application.

Huawei HiCare

Download HiCare by Huawei on Google Play

In Settings and other methods

If this method does not work, you can also go to Settings / System Updates / Check for Updates to try to get the update out of this option. In addition, there are other methods to try to force the update. Once done we must try again to update the mobile using the previous methods:

  • Restart mobile
  • Free storage space
  • Check connections

If none of this works, just wait patiently for your Honor mobile to receive the expected update to EMUI 10. You can also take a look here to see if your mobile is in the list of the chosen ones.