PropertySystemView: View and Edit File Properties

On a day-to-day basis with our computer we handle a large number of files from it, whether they be of the nature they are. Therefore, being able to have greater control over them can be very useful, something that PropertySystemView can help us with.

This is precisely the program that we are going to talk about in these same lines. Actually it is a free application that we can use in Windows for these tasks that we tell you to do things that we can do from the Windows File Explorer.


PropertySystemView features that are useful

Therefore, once in operation, PropertySystemView allows us to easily see the attributes or properties of the files that are used by the system. In addition, the program presents us with some useful additional functions such as rearranging the columns, or viewing the files as it is most comfortable for us. At the same time and as one of its main advantages, it is that we can edit those properties that we mention from here.

In this way PropertySystemView gives us the possibility to edit the name, authors, comments , creation date, labels, last modification date , etc. Therefore, in order to get the most out of it all, the first thing we do is download and run the program in Windows . As we mentioned, this will have no cost as it is a free tool to upload files and edit their properties .

PropertySystemView propiedades

It is worth mentioning that the implementation of the program is very simple, so here are three ways to load the properties. We see these in the drop-down list at the top of the main interface . So we can load the properties of a route, load a list of all the properties of the system, or do it from a Windows directory.

For example, if we opt for the first option, from a certain route, then we will have to click on the three horizontal points on the right. Here we load the file that we want to see and where we can already see the list with all the system properties for that file . All of them are loaded at the bottom of the interface so that we can review them one by one after pressing the Go button or F8.

How to manage or change the properties of the files

At that moment we can already use the filters to order the results. At the same time we have the possibility to use the search bar to enter keywords and thus see the results that interest us most. Along with it we find other options to locate specific strings , search only in visible columns, or only see elements that match the filters.

PropertySystemView atributos

In the list that we mentioned earlier, we see different columns that serve to group a good amount of information for each loaded file. Thus, by double clicking on the file, we will have the possibility to change the name and value of the property that we see on the screen. From here we can also edit various files, copy the selected elements, etc.

How to download and install PropertySystemView easily

Everything discussed above will be very helpful to us when managing the properties and attributes of the files we work with in Windows. In addition, we achieve all this from a single user interface that tries to facilitate these tasks.

Thus, in the event that you want to try first hand this program that we mentioned, you can download it from the official website of its developer . You will only have to do it from this link .