Sensor Errors On Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Fix it

One of Samsung’s most popular high-end smartphones was the Galaxy S8, a smartphone that still has a lot to say despite its battery shortages. So that you do not have to put aside your mobile, we offer you the methods with which you can solve errors and problems related to the sensors that have appeared in this model.

This Samsung smartphone integrates various sensors and technologies that were pioneers in its day. To ensure that they continue to function properly, we must not only take care of the mobile phone, we must also remember that despite being a smartphone with IP68 water resistance , we must not exceed the limits of the guarantee in water-resistant mobile phones that the user indicates. maker.

sensor error galaxy s8

How to test the sensors of your Samsung Galaxy S8

As we mentioned before, this smartphone pioneered some sensors, for example the iris sensor and combined facial recognition . It is likely that we will detect this error or others ourselves, that it could be a temporary failure and that the sensors are not damaged. To find out, Samsung itself makes available to us a very simple application to use.

comprobar sensores samsung galaxy s8

We will have to search our mobile for the application that is installed and that is called Samsung Members . Within the application we will look for the “Assistance” tab and then tap on the “Test Hardware” option. Inside we will see all the options that we show you, giving you the possibility to manually check all the sensors of our mobile, in addition to the battery, connectivity and other options.

Do the sensors work? Don’t forget the updates

When we have checked the sensors and if everything has gone as it should, we have to think of one of the most probable errors, we talk about the performances. It is important that we keep Samsung Galaxy S8 updates up to date so that the sensors are not affected. We can do this by going to Settings> Software update > Manual download and check from there if we have any pending.

Launcher del Galaxy S8

The applications are also relevant, especially now that, for example, the watch and other Samsung’s own apps receive updates through Google Play . Remember to check the updates of the apps and have enough storage to carry them out.

Clear cache partition to fix problems

After having tried the previous solutions, we would only have to try to clean the system of failed updates, errors that have accumulated and other problems that could be affecting the software of the Samsung Galaxy S8 . This might also be recommended just before doing a major OS update, although most users don’t.

First of all, we recommend saving all our photos, music and important files to another device so as not to lose them. Then we can proceed to delete the cache partition of our mobile with the following steps:

  • We turn off the device and hold the Bixby button and increase volume.
  • We release when the Android logo appears and wait with the message to install updates without touching anything, at least 60 seconds.
  • With the volume keys we put you in “delete cache partition” and enter with the power button.
  • In the next option we repeat the process until we get to “Yes”.
  • When the process is finished, it will ask us to restart the device.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S8

It is likely that just by deleting the cache partition the problem will continue and that is why we wanted to keep all our photos safe. Now it is time to leave our mobile as the first day we bought it and for this we will have to repeat the steps we have done previously, although this time the option chosen is different.

Hard Reset

  • We place ourselves on the option “Erase data / Factory reset” and accept with the power button.
  • In the new screen we select “Yes, Delete all user data”.
  • When finished it will restart.

After this process, the smartphone will be ready to configure it again and manually check all the sensors and find out if the problems are still present in our Samsung Galaxy S8. In case we have not found the solution, the problem could be more complicated and we will have to resort to technical service if necessary.