Problems Turning on Sony Xperia Phones: How to Fix it

The Sony Xperia have many qualities, depending on the model and the range where they are, we will have some characteristics or others, but if they have something in common unfortunately are the problems at the time of turning on. For an error that has not yet managed to solve it for purchase, over time our Sony Xperia may not turn on.

Luckily for all users, being such a common problem, there are several solutions that allow us to recover it without losing the data of our smartphone, unless the problem is more serious. In the following explanations we will show you step by step what you must do so that your mobile phone turns on, trusting that some will allow us to recover it.


Battery related issues

One of the main and most common reasons for our mobile not to turn on has to do with the battery, since without it it will be impossible to turn it on. When connecting our mobile phone to the power we will have to look at whether the notification LED turns on , otherwise the problem may be in the charger and we will have to try another or through a USB cable directly to the computer.

Inferior pantalla Sony Xperia XZ3

It may be the case that the battery has been decalibrated or needs more time to be able to turn on, so we recommend that you leave the mobile phone at least 1 hour plugged into the power and later try to turn it on, confined that it is now We are lucky. It is best to do it with the original charger , although if it does not work, we can try the charger of another mobile that we have at home.

Error generated by the accessories

Although it is not very common, the different MicroSD cards of our mobile phones may be causing an error that prevents us from turning it on, it is advisable to remove it and do the same with the SIM card of our operator.

If we have some headphones connected through the audio jack, we must also disconnect it, because the problem could also come from here.

How to make a forced restart on your Sony Xperia

In case our Sony Xperia phone is still off and with the ngra screen, we will force the restart of this, to do so we have two methods, none of them will erase anything from the smartphone. The first forced restart is 10 seconds and consists of pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds , until the smartphone vibrates three times and then release. With this the smartphone will turn off completely and turn on again.

Botones laterales del Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

The second method is more advanced and we will need a clock or stopwatch to carry it out. First of all, we will press and hold the volume up and power buttons for 120 seconds , ignoring what appears in pants or vibrations. After this time we release and connect the smartphone with the charger, until it seems that our mobile is charging and you can turn it on.

Repair and update your mobile with Sony Xperia Companion

In the event that none of the above has served to turn on our Sony Xperia, we will have to resort to Sony Xperia Companion software, although this will eliminate everything we have stored on our smartphone. To begin with this repair, we will first have to download the program on our Windows or Mac computer and perform a simple installation.

Problemas Sony Xperia Companion

Then we will open Sony Xperia Companion on our computer and connect the phone to the computer. Click on Repair the software and follow the steps you ask us, until our mobile delete all files and problems, to reinstall the latest stable version.

Perform a hard reset and start over

If despite having completed all the steps this does not work, we can only try to perform a hard reset that will delete all the files from our mobile and leave it as the first day. To do this we will have to perform the following steps:

  • Press and hold the power button and increase volume until the phone vibrates or the Android icon is displayed.
  • Using the volume up and down keys we move and with the power button we enter.
  • We place ourselves on the “Recovery Mode” option and enter.
  • Now we place ourselves on the “wipe cache partition” option and press again to enter with the power button.
  • After a few seconds we will return to the same menu, but this time we go to “wipe data / factory reset” and enter.
  • Finally we select the option where it says “Yes” and we wait for the smartphone to erase all the content and turn it on again.