The Problems of Regularly Charging a Mobile Phone in the Car

Problems of Regularly Charging a Mobile Phone in the Car

Surely, it has happened to more than one person that they have left home without having charged the mobile and barely have enough battery to last several hours. For this reason, the most common thing is that if you travel by car, you resort to putting it to charge in the car . However, this practice is not recommended for various reasons.

As useful as it may seem, since it perfectly covers the need to recharge our mobile device if we need it, connecting the smartphone through the car’s USB while driving will not always be the best option. Especially if this action becomes a constant practice, since it will negatively affect the battery of our phone.

The downside of charging your mobile in the car

The main problem that we find in this simple action is simple. Although we believe that plugging it into the power through any USB does not harm our mobile device, the reality is that cars are not designed for this. Basically because the port we have in our vehicle gives less power than our phone needs , or at least in most cases.

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Car manufacturers usually mount USB 1.0 or 2.0 in their vehicles, standards that will not provide us with a current intensity which is necessary today for smartphones. However, for example, the newer models already have superior technology. That is, they already include one of 2 amps, so the minimum necessary is achieved to be able to optimally power the battery in smartphones.

Of course, these ports are designed so that we can insert pen drive memories to be able to listen to music while driving. Even the simple fact of doing it regularly can cause the phone to stop charging at certain times, so it will be continuously connecting and disconnecting, causing the battery to be damaged little by little over time. Or, also, it may be the case that it gets stuck or that it loads much slower than we are used to.

Although not everything is bad news, since you can continue to charge your smartphone in the car, but taking into account that it should not be our main route every day. In addition, there is a better option that will not harm our phone: cigarette lighter chargers . These have the technology already adapted to the needs of the battery of mobile devices, so in this way we would obtain the necessary energy, reaching up to 12W. It will only be necessary to buy the right one for the mobile model we have. Or, having a portable charger on hand is also a good idea.