Prevent VLC Changing the Window Size When Opening a Video

VLC is one of the programs that all, or almost all, have installed on our computer. This media player allows us to open any video or audio format, even those that do not open other programs, without the need to install codecs or perform any configuration.

VLC is completely free and open source, which makes it, without a doubt, the best multimedia player that we can install on your computer. However, there are some configurations that for many can be annoying. And one of them is the function that allows you to adjust the size of the window to the resolution of the video that we open.vlc

When we open VLC, without any video, the player shows us the typical black screen with the VLC logo in the center. This will be waiting to open any kind of multimedia content to start playing it. Meanwhile, we can configure the different options offered by the player, customize it or change the size of the window to one that is more comfortable for us.

However, by default, when we open a video, the window will automatically resize . This can be made larger or smaller depending on the resolution of the video. Imagine we have a 1080p monitor and open a 4K video. The window becomes so large that it will leave our screen. Or vice versa, we have the window set to a specific size and we open a very small video.

This can be useful, as it will allow us to watch the videos in the original quality automatically without losing quality by making them larger. And we can always double click on the player window to put it in full screen. However, it can also be annoying on many occasions. Like when the original resolution of the video is larger than that of our monitor.

But luckily, it can be easily disabled from the VLC configuration itself, without using add-ons or other programs. Below we explain how to do it step by step.

How to disable the option to resize VLC interface

To deactivate this function, the first thing to do is access the player configuration panel. To do this, we open VLC and go to tools> preferences . We can also open it using the VLC Control + P shortcut .


The typical program settings window will open. Within the section “Interface” (the first one that appears) we will find an option called ” resize interface to the size of the video “, which is activated by default.


What we must do is uncheck this box to disable this behavior. Click on “Save” and voila. From now on, when we open a video with VLC it will adjust to the size of the window that we have open, and not vice versa.

In the event that later we want the player to behave like this again (that is, to adjust the size of the window to the original resolution of the video), all we have to do is redial the option that we have unmarked in the previous capture . Thus the operation of VLC will be the same as always.