These Are the Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly important and we have better offers for it. That’s why we recommend the best cloud apps you can have on your Android phone.

We currently have mobile phones that record in 4K, shoot raw photos, consume Netflix or various movies on our phone and we have more and more apps and games installed. It is normal that in the end the storage ends up in short supply. That is why the cloud, that concept of storing your files on the Internet without having to spend the internal storage of your phone (or your computer).

But there are many cloud clients, so we have compiled the ones we like the most. Without further delay, these are our recommendations.

Google Drive – The Google Cloud

As lovers of Android, the operating system of the Great G, it is clear that one of the first ideas that comes to mind is Google Drive. Google’s cloud has become one of the most popular today. It is installed on many Android phones by default.

It offers you 15GB for free. You can increase to 100GB for € 1.99 / month or failing that, € 19.99 / year. Then you have several planes that go up to 30TB.

apps nube Google Drive

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free  


Dropbox – The choice of many professionals

Many professionals choose Dropbox to share their files or access them from anywhere. The free option offers you barely 2GB to upload your files. But for € 9.99 / month your storage goes up to 2TB (with the annual charge), and 3TB for € 16.58 per month (also with the annual charge). The options extend to unlimited storage for professional teams. Paying € 15 per month each team users.

A part of the mobile app also has a desktop app, but it can also be accessed from the browser. This app works like a folder on your computer, which by putting something in that folder is automatically uploaded to Dropbox, on your mobile it works the same.

dropbox apps nube

Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
Price: Free  


Amazon Cloud Drive – With your Prime subscription

You all know Amazon. The most important Internet shopping website in the world also has its own cloud: Amazon Cloud Drive .

The good thing about this app is that with your Prime subscription to Amazon they include 5GB of cloud and unlimited storage for photos . Yes, you read that right, unlimited storage for photos. And photographers, don’t worry, yes, your camera raw files also enter this unlimited storage.

Of course you can increase its capacity with several higher payment rates.

amazon cloud drive

Price: Free  


OneDrive – The Microsoft Alternative

Evidently Microsoft is not far behind in cloud apps. OneDrive is another of the apps that has been working for years, and it works very well. Its free plan offers 5GB and you can increase up to 1TB for just € 69 per year. A fairly competitive price.

The good thing is that a 1TB package also comes with your Microsoft Office package, which is a very interesting added value.


Price: Free  


Telegram – Much more than a messaging app

Yes, Telegram is a popular messaging app, but it includes something that other similar apps don’t: its own cloud. With the Dúrov app you can use the saved messages as an unlimited cloud. Of course, you can only upload files up to 1.5GB maximum and you cannot organize it in folders.

Of course, if you use Telegram X instead of the classic Telegram app (Telegram X is an app similar to Telegram but with some differences, it is also official of the company) you can see the saved messages but also separate them by photos, files, gifs , etc.

telegram apps nube

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free  


MEGA – The most viable free option

What started as a website to upload files and share them has become one of the most popular cloud apps, especially for its storage capacity in its free version: Nothing more and nothing less than 50GB. But it can be extended with other rates, of course.

MEGA apps nube

Developer: Mega Ltd
Price: Free  


Box – The alternative for companies

One of the most thought clouds for companies is Box. This app offers us up to 10GB of free cloud, and of course with its own payments to increase capacity.

It is chosen by many professionals because of its good design, ability to access certain files offline, share large files with links, encryption and much more.

box apps nube

Developer: Box
Price: Free  


pCloud – Cloud in one payment

Another option that is gaining strength lately is pCloud. Although it also offers 10GB of free storage you can expand it, the differential of this app is that you can pay for your cloud service with a single payment and have it for life. Something really useful for many professionals, who make sure not to lose their capacity or their data if the payment is passed or there is a problem.


Developer: pCloud LTD
Price: Free  


Yandex.Disk – A little known but very complete app

And finally we have Yandex.Disk. A little-known Russian app that has captivated thousands of users for its efficiency and how well it is. Offer encryption to protect your files. Offers 10GB of free storage.


Developer: Яндекс
Price: Free  


And these are our recommendations. Which is yours?