Prevent iPhone 11 from Accessing Your Location, Even If Disabled

iphone-11Before the end of the year a new controversy shook Apple’s offices in its Cupertino campus. A security firm echoed a privacy issue on the different iPhone 11 models which allows phones to register the user’s location even if location options are disabled.

In the face of the uproar formed, the American firm promised that an option would soon be added to its operating system that would allow disabling the ultra-broadband location (UWB) function . What it does is allow the mobile to continue searching for location information even when the system’s applications and services are set so that this location information is never collected. Apple then discovered that all iPhone 11 models have an ultra-wideband chip, which allows you to work with the device’s location at all times.

iPhone 11 colores

Now it is the latest beta of Apple’s operating system, iOS 13.3.1, which allows users to revoke these permissions in order to prevent the iPhone 11 (or other phones) from knowing where you are at all times.

Where is the new iPhone feature?

Apple has declared by active and passive that it is not collecting location data through this tool and that UWB checks are only performed on the device, leaving the data collected only in the terminal, and never falling into the hands of Apple . However, security analysts and users have always feared that Apple was collecting data while keeping the location activated at all times.

For this reason Apple launches this new function and hosts it in the configuration of Wireless Networks . As we have said, at the moment only those who have the latest beta of the operating system could access it but it is to be imagined that sooner rather than later it will appear in the final version of iOS 13.3.1.

Users can find the option to 100% undo the phone’s location in Settings> Privacy Settings> Location Services> System Services. Here, iPhone users can find the option ‘Wireless networks’ and when activated it appears a message that shows: “Deactivating the location of Networks and Wireless can affect the performance of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ultra Wideband”.

If you want to be able to make use of this function and not wait for Apple to add it in a future update of iOS 13, you just have to install the beta of the operating system on your iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.