Powerful Mini PCs for Editing Photos and Videos from Home

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed our way of life in many ways. No, we are not talking about the fact of having to carry a mask everywhere, that too, but about teleworking. Until now, working from home in Spain was a privilege available to very few, but the tables have turned. And this is where mini PCs come in.

To say that, as the name suggests, they are mini computers that boast a really restrained design so that you can place them anywhere. One of the most suitable places? Next to your Smart TV. In this way, you can equip your television with Windows, so you can access its complete catalog of games and programs.

Powerful Mini PCs for Editing Photos and Videos

What it takes to edit photos and videos

So, taking into account that you still have to go back to work after a more than well-deserved summer vacation and you will finally do your workday from home, we have prepared a top with the best mini PCs with which to edit photos and videos.

Keep in mind that the most famous editing tools, be it Sony Vegas, Adobe Photoshop or any other program, consume a large amount of resources. So you have to know which mini computer is the most appropriate when buying a device of this type.

Mainly, you have to take into account two components in particular: the processor and RAM . More than anything, because these two elements are the ones that work at maximum performance when you are using any photo or video editing program.

It is true that the graphics card is also important, but mainly for video editing. And, taking into account that it mainly influences the processing time, we do not consider this component to be vital. Yes, it is useful, since it is not the same to render a video in 30 minutes as in three hours, but it is a matter of leaving the video rendering at night, or when you are not using your mini PC and that is fixed.

Best mini PC to edit photos and videos

On the other hand, the RAM and the processor do need to be relatively powerful. So, so that you don’t go crazy, we have prepared a selection with different solutions to consider. For this, we have considered mini PCs that have at least 8 GB of RAM memory , in addition to an Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent.

A more than enough configuration so that you can work with the most powerful editing tools without the graphic load required being a problem. In addition, all the models we have selected have HDMI connectivity, so you can connect them to the TV in your living room and take advantage of its screen diagonal to work more comfortably.

Finally, say that you will see solutions of all kinds. The price difference lies mainly in the processor you use, or the available RAM. Thus, you will have a wide range of possibilities to choose the Mini PC that best suits your needs, and your pocket.


Intel NUC 8I7HVKVA2 Mini PC

We begin this compilation with the most vitaminized model you will find. Saying that Intel’s NUC family is a benchmark when it comes to buying a mini computer. For this reason, you will see several solutions from the American manufacturer in this top. In the case of the Intel NUC 8I7HVKVA2 Mini PC, this is a product that offers high performance and that will allow you to edit photos and videos without problems.

Highlight its Intel Core i7 processor, in addition to having 16 GB of RAM so that the performance of this mini computer does not disappoint you at all.

Mini Gaming PC

Mini Gaming PC

Another excellent option to consider is this mini Gaming PC. Yes, it is a computer designed to play games, but you can still use it perfectly to edit photos and videos. Also counting its powerful configuration (Intel Core i9 8950HK processor,, 16GB RAM DDR4, 512G NVME SSD), along with a 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, you have a product of height.

Mini PC Minisforum

Mini PC Minisforum

The Minisforum firm is another of the great references when it comes to buying a Mini PC at a good price. In this case, we find a model that will not disappoint you with regard to hardware. To do this, it bets on an AMD Ryzen 3 3300U processor, along with 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD type disk.

As if that were not enough, this model comes with Windows 10 Pro installed, so you just have to connect it to your TV, plug it in and start using this mini computer without worrying about anything.



And what about this Hystou model. A product that surprises with its tenth generation Intel Core i7 processor, in addition to 16 GB of RAM. Do you need a lot of space? This mini computer has a 128 GB SSD type hard disk, as well as a second HDD disk of no more and no less than 1 TB.

Mini PC Beelink GT-R 

Beelink GT-R Mini PC

In a compilation of this type, a solution from Beelink, one of the most renowned manufacturers, could not be missing. And beware, this Beelink GT-R Mini PC is a technical marvel, in addition to having a very interesting detail: its fingerprint reader.

Through this element, you will have extra privacy to prevent anyone from seeing the information you store on this computer.



We return to Intel and its NUC family to recommend their 7I7BNKQ model. Under an impossible to pronounce name hides a product that will more than meet your expectations. All thanks to its 16 GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 processor.

Mini PC Minisforum UM300

Mini PC Minisforum UM300

Without a doubt, one of the models with the best value for money that you will find in this compilation. The UM300 from Minisforum has everything you need so that you can edit photos and videos comfortably at home, in addition to a price that does not exceed 400 euros.

Intel NUC8 i5-8259U

Intel NUC8 i5-8259U

The latest mini PC in the Intel NUC family is this model. A unit that has 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5 processor, so you can edit photos and videos without major problems.

Mac Mini 
Apple Mac Mini

If you are an Apple fan, you could not miss the Mac Mini in your living room. It is true that you can find more complete models at significantly lower prices, but if you use the ecosystem of solutions of the company with the bitten apple, this product will not disappoint you at all.

Beelink U57

Beelink U57

We close this compilation of the best Mini PCs you can buy, with the Beelink U57. A really cheap product, but it has an Intel Core i5 processor, in addition to 8 GB of RAM to offer performance that lives up to expectations.