Android 11 Problems on All Google Pixels

The latest version of the Android operating system has begun its deployment as usual for the Google Pixel. After a series of betas where problems were something to live with, the final version has seen the light and with it errors have begun to appear that should not continue to exist. The problems of Android 11 have emphasized the Google Pixel 3 and 4 but have also appeared in the Google Pixel 2 and the rest of the models.

Android 11 Problems on All Google Pixels

Recently we have been able to know a problem with the battery that caused them to swell but this would be far from being linked to Android 11. This time it is about problems related to the software, which make us recommend that if you have not updated yet, wait a few days to wait for improvements and fixes that are needed.

Android 11 problems

Chat bubbles don’t work on all services

Among the novelties of the new version of Android, many are the users who have tried quickly to activate the chat bubbles in Android 11, but the surprise has come when not all the services still offer them in the best way. Faced with this problem, we will have to learn to live together because WhatsApp or Google messages do not yet have it available, however Telegram and Facebook Messenger do integrate it.

activar burbujas chat android 11

The system has become slow

Especially in the Google Pixel 4a we have been able to read a multitude of comments on networks that identify that the system has become slow, both when opening applications with Android 11 and when browsing the menus. This problem has already been reported to Google but a solution or explanation has not yet been given.

Android Auto has several bugs

The system integrated in Android mobiles that allows it to be connected to the car and controlled from the screen has errors with Android 11 . Among them, music cuts have been notified, notifying that they do not arrive, errors to use Waze and many others that continue to occur.

android auto android 11 coche

Random reboots

Without a doubt, the error that can affect us the most when updating the Google Pixel is the reboots that occur when we use the mobile. Without having done anything, the system decides that it is time to shut down and later on. Some users have found the solution to uninstall applications that add effects to the notification led, but Google will have to check if it only happens in this case or is a more serious error.

Application failures

The system also depends on the applications and many are not yet properly optimized , including Instagram or Google’s own keyboard has false ones that prevent it from being used quickly or continuously. The camera is not completely polished either and there are times when to take photos or videos we have to delete all the multitasking applications and reopen them.