Xiaomi Ensures the Arrival of a Mobile with a Snapdragon 875 Processor

Although Apple yesterday made its traditional presentation of each September, during it there was no trace of iPhone 12. However, as we told you yesterday, the iPhone 12 was present in some way, at least its brain, when knowing the details of the new A14 Bionic, the world’s first mobile processor manufactured in a 5nm process. Now, Xiaomi moves to make it clear that they are not going to be left behind.

Xiaomi Mobile with Snapdragon 875 Processor

The battle of power, performance, Artificial Intelligence and energy efficiency is a battle that takes place every year between the most powerful Android phones on the market and Apple iPhones. Qualcomm has been reducing its lead over Apple’s A Bionic chip , and this gap was narrowed to the extreme in the Snapdragon 865. Now Xiaomi has stepped up to claim the performance of its upcoming high-end smartphones.

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We still don’t know anything about the presentation or arrival of the first Android mobile on the market with a 5nm processor. However, all bets indicate that this processor will be none other than the Snapdragon 875, which may be launched later this year or early 2021. The truth is that Apple has been ahead of Android and that has hurt some manufacturers that they boast of always being ahead of Apple and the rest of their competition.

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The presentation of Apple that took place yesterday, has made a move to Lu Weibing, the general manager of Redmi and president of Xiaomi in China. The manager has launched a publication on the Weibo social network, to anticipate the arrival of new Redmi mobiles with a 5nm processor. In this sense, both Xiaomi, as well as other brands among which Vivo, OPPO or Realme stands out, are the best positioned to launch the first mobile with the new Snapdragon 875 . Xiaomi’s future Redmi K40 Pro is emerging as the possible first mobile to integrate this processor, something that some leakers, such as the famous “Digital Chat Station” take for granted.

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A Samsung Snapdragon 875

The covid-19 pandemic has caused delays in all production lines, including the manufacture of chips. In this sense, the new Snapdragon 875 could arrive later than initially planned. According to the latest information, Samsung will be the company that finally manufactures the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 875s, having won the bid from TSMC. Its presentation is expected to take place at the end of the year, seeing the first commercial Android mobiles with this processor in early 2021.