Point to iPhone 11, Google loses another battle with updates

Google mobiles are characterized by different aspects that make them premium mobiles, such as their high-level cameras and a pure Android version, as well as a large number of updates. However, this last battle is clearly lost against Apple and that is because the Google Pixel 4 stopped updating last month; while the iPhone 11 that landed that same year is still alive and kicking.

Google Pixel 4 becomes obsolete

This has always been a very controversial issue for Google, especially after the modification of Samsung‘s update policy at the beginning of 2022. In this way, the South Korean company would end up becoming the brand with the most versions of the Android operating system. guarantees users. An ironic situation considering that the great G itself is the creator of the Android ecosystem, but it is not the one that offers the most software renewals. This leaves it in evidence in front of the terminals of the Cupertino company, which is sweeping in terms of updates.

The Google Pixel 4 becomes obsolete

This has not caught anyone by surprise, since Google informs on its support page until when both Android version updates and security updates are guaranteed. Here the Google Pixel 4 appears along with the XL model and for both situations , October 2022 is marked as the end of this device in terms of software.

Oferta Google Pixel 4

This means that Android 13 will be the last version that the Pixel 4 will enjoy, which will not continue to receive security patches either. A context that could completely ruin the operation of the phone, since it will not have more versions that solve system problems. Not to mention that malware can easily make an appearance if we are not careful when downloading content or accessing suspicious websites.

Quite the opposite of what happens with the iPhone 11 that landed in September 2019 compared to the Google Pixel 4 that did the same in October of the same year. However, the difference between the two is evident and that is that the first still has many years of life ahead of it, while the Google phone has become completely obsolete just 3 years after its launch.

How many updates does the iPhone 11 have left?

The truth is that Apple does not specify exactly the number of updates that each iPhone receives, although we can see a clear trend in recent years. At first it was only 3 years, but later it became 4 years and then 5 years. In such a way that the iPhone 8 , whose launch occurred in 2017, received iOS 16 in the middle of 2022 , which would be the last update for this device. Likewise, the most current models can reach brand new versions of the system for up to 6 years.

iphone 11 amarillo mano

This means that the iPhone 11 , which hit the market in 2019 and also has iOS 16, would eventually reach the iOS 19 version of Apple’s operating system. A big difference compared to Google that means that the fight to be the best smartphone is still a long way off for the Internet giant and its mobile phones, as is the case with the Google Pixel 4.