The detail that ensures you buy a mobile for a long time

Buying a mobile today is almost an impossible mission for many users and this is not precisely due to their price. Mainly, because there are a huge number of alternatives available to all kinds of pockets. So the difficulty of this decision is due to the great variety of options available to the consumer.

This means that renewing your smartphone takes you a little longer than expected, although there is a key, differentiating and determining factor that will help you choose wisely. This is an element that has to do with the phone itself , but not in terms of hardware or software.

buy a mobile for a long time

Check the release date

A good processor, an ideal screen to view content, a long-lasting battery or a camera with perfect results… all of this is very important for our future purchase, although sometimes we overlook an element that is the result of ignorance. Beyond any specifications in terms of components, it is very important to check the launch date of the phone.

Today it is common to find terminals that do not age over time and that despite their age maintain a remarkable performance. However, this factor also affects the software and manufacturers only update their devices for a maximum of 5 years in the case of Samsung, which is the most generous company in this regard.

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On the other hand, others like Realme guarantee only 2 years of system updates and 3 security updates. A somewhat poor figure considering that it affects its high-end devices, so you would be paying an exorbitant amount for a phone that will be obsolete in a very short time.

This can end up resulting in malfunctions and an easier time for malware to get into your smartphone, so it should be taken into account. Mainly, because there will be no way to fix system errors; while to avoid viruses you should be more careful when using your mobile.

How to know the age of a mobile

The truth is that verifying how long a terminal has been on the market is not complicated at all. In fact, there are several methods to know this information easily and in just a few seconds, so stop worrying about the next phone you want to buy and check beforehand if it is several years old.

Motorola Moto G31

The first process involves using the mobile comparator on our site or searching directly for any of our files. If you take a closer look, you will notice that, just below the “Summary of features” section , there will be both the model in question and the launch date. A good method to see both the specifications of the device and the month in which it landed in Spain.

The other alternative is as simple as entering the name of the smartphone in Google followed by “Release date”. In an instant, the search engine will first show you the date in question extracted from a specific website, although there are times when it is convenient to verify this property on two websites so as not to be surprised.