Save yourself fixing the mobile: the Samsung Galaxy can self-repair

No mobile phone is free from problems and neither are Samsung brand phones. For this reason, we want to let you know some little tricks that can help you repair your mobile without having to go to a specialist and spend money.

Although you can do it from external applications specialized in checking problems, it is not the most recommended, you can end up installing an app with malicious content and you also do not need to do it because Samsung makes it easy for you to find problems with your devices.

the Samsung Galaxy can self-repair

We are going to tell you how you can find out if your mobile has problems so that you can fix them easily and in a matter of minutes without having to install any external app or having to call a technician.

With Samsung’s hidden menu

Korean brand phones have a special menu with which you can find out about problems with your mobile through a hidden menu. If you have problems with speakers, screen or any other, you can find out from the Samsung diagnostic menu.

Using it is very simple:

  1. Open the calling app
  2. Write the code *#0*#
  3. It will open the test menu that was hidden
  4. You can check what interests you within the menu sections


For example, if you want to test the screen , you will find several options. You will have to look for the option to solve problems with the screen. You will follow the red, green and blue blocks. The screen will change to that color and you will see if there is any abnormality or not. If you find it, it is because the LEDs are not working as they should.

If the screen does not respond to your touches you will have to go to the ‘touch’ block and a cross with small blocks will appear. When you swipe they will turn green. If you get it, the screen works fine in this aspect, if not there may be a problem with your touch screen. Since you will only be able to exit the menu by coloring all the blocks, if the screen is not going well press the power button to activate Bixby and return to the home screen from there.

You can test what’s going on with other components in the hidden test menu . You follow the same steps and look for the one that interests you. For example, in sensors you can see what they record on your phone, you can test your cameras, vibration or even the speaker if you see that you do not understand other people on calls.

Do it with Samsung Members

You can also test your smartphone with the Samsung Members app , although to do so you’ll need to download the app if you don’t have it (although it’s currently preconfigured by default) and use your Samsung account.

From the app itself you can check if your screen works well, if the battery is not working as it should or any other problem with your mobile. It is much simpler than you imagine, although many people are not aware of this function of Samsung Members.

  1. Open Samsung Members
  2. Go to Support
  3. Click on the Diagnosis option
  4. show evidence
  5. Below you can press the icon of a function if you want to try only that one
  6. You will find that you can check the status of SIM card, NFC, power reset status, sensors, screen, mobile network, etc.
  7. Confirm continue test
  8. It will tell you if there is something wrong and you can fix it


Depending on your mobile model or version of the app, the route may be different:

  1. Open Samsung Members
  2. Click on Help in the bottom menu
  3. Go to Automatic Checks
  4. Wait for it to show you the problems and find its solution
  5. Click on Interactive Checks
  6. Choose the component you want to check
  7. Click on it and the test will start

Now that you know the official ways you have to see the status of your mobile and its components at Samsung, you can check what interests you at any time, when you suspect that something is wrong or for simple preventive maintenance. How about?