Pocophone phones that boast a 120Hz screen

The screens of our mobiles have improved remarkably in recent years, not only because they have higher resolution, or that AMOLED panels are more accessible than ever, but because the high refresh rate has become essential. It is time to review which mobiles of the popular Pocophone have these screens.

And is that this manufacturer, despite having very cheap phones, boasts some models that have a “Top” feature such as a very high refresh rate, as you will be able to verify.

Pocophone phones that boast a 120Hz screen

120Hz, exclusive to the most advanced models

As you will be able to verify, in the absence of knowing a mobile that has a 144Hz screen, in this case we have up to four phones that have this high refresh rate feature. And it is that 120Hz are synonymous with mobiles of a certain level , although it is true that models with these screens are getting cheaper and cheaper, but it is still a functionality of a certain distinction. This feature triggers the performance of the phone, or rather, the feeling of fluidity of this, which is maximum with a screen of this type.

Pocophone F3

This is one of the most attractive mobiles of the Xiaomi-owned brand, among other things because despite being a powerful mobile, it has a fairly reasonable price. And yes, its 6.67-inch screen has a 120Hz refresh rate. This also claims to be AMOLED , and compatible with HDR10 +, as well as having Full HD + resolution.

Poco F4

But as we say, it is a powerful mobile, with a processor like the Snapdragon 870, which also provides 5G connectivity. Its camera offers us three sensors, with a main one of 48 megapixels, an ultra wide angle of 8 megapixels and a macro of 5 megapixels. It also finishes the job with a 4520mAh battery that charges in less than an hour thanks to fast charging.

Pocophone X3 Pro

This model is undoubtedly another of the highlights of the mid-range, and of the entire Poco range. This has a 6.67-inch screen, 120Hz , but in this case with LCD technology, one notch below. The resolution is also Full HD + and except for the AMOLED, it is very similar to that of the F3.

Modelos POCO X3 Pro

On the other hand, it is a slightly less powerful mobile, with a Snapdragon 860. Its camera in this case is quadruple, with four 48-megapixel sensors, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle, a 2-megapixel macro or a 2-megapixel depth sensor. In addition, the battery also charges in less than an hour.

Pocophone F3 GT

The Chinese firm has other models that are not for sale in Spain and have a 120Hz screen, this is the case of this Poco F3 GT, a phone created with a gaming profile, which offers us AMOLED or HDR10 + technology . In this case, it has the most powerful MediaTek processor of 2021, the Dimensity 9000.

In this case, its camera is triple, with a main 64-megapixel sensor, which is accompanied by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle and a 2-megapixel macro. It boasts a much faster charge, since it is fully charged in just 40 minutes.

Pocophone X3 GT

This model has not arrived in Spain like the previous one, but it is one of the few that boasts a 120Hz screen. This in this case is LCD , with a size of 6.6 inches and Full HD + resolution .

Poco X3 GT

On the other hand, it has a MediaTek Dimensity 1100 processor , which in addition to 5G, gives this phone a high-end performance. Its camera is the same as the F3 GT, and in essence they are two almost identical mobiles, even when charging, with a power of 67W that charges it in just 40 minutes.